Past proceedings

S.No Year Title Author Category Code Download
1 2000 Transport phenomena in steelmaking Amit chatterjee, Arun M.Kumar and S.K.Ajmani INVITED PAPERS HMT-2000-001 Download
2 2000 Recent advances and opportunities in engineering radiation heat transfer John R. howell CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-002 Download
3 2000 Development and applications of the porous medium combustion technology E.Durst, S.Mobbauer, O.Pickenacker, K.Pickenacker and D.Trimas CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-003 Download
4 2000 Thermosolutal convection due to phase change in binary mixtures D.Gobin, B.Goyeau and S.Mergui CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-004 Download
5 2000 Numerical models of reheating gas furnaces in the steel industry Eduardo Altschuler, Pablo Marino and Alberto pignotti CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-005 Download
6 2000 Control of turbulent structure of impinging jet by small air bubbles Alekseenko A.V., Markovich D.M. and Semenov V.I. CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-006 Download
7 2000 Spacecraft thermal control system K.Badri Narayana CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-007 Download
8 2000 Use of organized vortices for improved performance of heat exchanger surfaces: numerical approach G.Biswas and N.K. Mitra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-008 Download
9 2000 Thermal hydraulics of prototype fast breeder reactor S.C.Chetal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-009 Download
10 2000 Transient gas-loaded rotating heat pipes Charles Harley and Amir Faghri CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-010 Download
11 2000 Heat transfer in irregular porous structures B.M.Galiteseyskiy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-011 Download
12 2000 Heat transfer in circulating fluidized bed boilers: perspective and issues Ajit Kumar Kolar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-012 Download
13 2000 Mass transfer problems in electrochemical systems Vijay Modi and Alan C. West CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-013 Download
14 2000 A web-based, adaptive finite element scheme for heat transfer and fluid flow Darrell W.Pepper, David B. Carrington and Laxmi Gewali CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-014 Download
15 2000 Thermodynamic analysis for thermal design, manufacturing, and operation of heat exchangers D.P.Sekulie an R.K.Shah CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-015 Download
16 2000 Transport processes and thermodynamic irreversibilities in droplet combustion S.K.Som CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-016 Download
17 2000 Heat exchangers: some recent developments Petr Stehlik and Vishwas V.Wadekar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-017 Download
18 2000 Thermal hydraulic modeling of postulated accident scenarios in nuclear reactors V.Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-018 Download
19 2000 Thermal contact resistance with different surfaces roughnesses M.Z.Abdullah and T.K. Kuan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-019 Download
20 2000 Development of two-phase model to simulate solidification phenomenon in low melting binary systems S.Basak, A.K.Singh and B.Basu CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-020 Download
21 2000 Macroscopic modeling of transport phenomena in binary alloy solidification systems: non-equilibrium effects S.Chakraborty, G.Phanikumar, P.Dutta and K.Chattopadhyay CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-021 Download
22 2000 Two-dimensional fin with convective base condition M.Y.Malik CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-022 Download
23 2000 Global applicability of assembly efficiency in extended surfaces M.Y.Malik CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-023 Download
24 2000 Effect of various mush models on macrosegregation in pb-sn alloy solidification R.Pradeshi, A.K.Singh and B.Basu CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-024 Download
25 2000 Dynamic thermoelastic probles in anisotropic composite laminates B.P.Patel and M.Ganapathi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-025 Download
26 2000 Effect of orientation on double-diffusive convection and macro segregation during solidification of binary alloys in a square cavity A.K.Singh, S.Basak and B.Basu CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-026 Download
27 2000 A simple 2-d conduction model for laser cladding and alloying Subhransu Roy, P.Bhattacharya and B.C.Obul Reddy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-027 Download
28 2000 Investigations of multichip arrangements mounted on a cold plate cooled printed circuit board Suppiah S, Mustain H.A., Hassan A.V., Bari.S and Seetharamu K.N. CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-028 Download
29 2000 Numerical investigations of alloy solidification in space Suresh V.Garimella and James E.Simpson CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-029 Download
30 2000 Effect of variable heat transfer coefficient on the performance calculations of fins S.B.Thombre, D.B.Zodpe and G.P.Singh CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-030 Download
31 2000 Thermal conductance of very rough surfaces in a gaseous environment Syed M.S. Wahid, C.V.Madhusudana and E.Leonardi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-031 Download
32 2000 Thermal contact conductance under long time loading Mesnyankin S.Yu CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-032 Download
33 2000 Design and analysis of thermo stressed composite structures V.V.Vorobey and O.V.Tatarnikov CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-033 Download
34 2000 Heat transfer enhancement using an internally threaded tube Andallib Tariq, Kesav Kant and Pradipta K.Panigrahi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-034 Download
35 2000 The investigation of heat transfer and hydraulic resistance in rectangular section channel with crossing ribs K.D.Andreev, L.W.Arseniev, W.G.Polishchuk and N.P.Sokolov CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-035 Download
36 2000 Effect of uncertainties in heat transfer coefficient on metal temperature in a gas turbine blade N.Asok Kumar and S.R.Kale CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-036 Download
37 2000 Flow and heat transfer in wavy-plate heat exchangers with pulsating flows H.Blomerius and N.K.Mitra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-037 Download
38 2000 Drop size distributions for liquid-liquid systems in the jetting region A.Bright and G.S.Virdee CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-038 Download
39 2000 MHD flow with temperature dependent viscosity over a flat plate S.Chakraborty and A.K.Borkakaki CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-039 Download
40 2000 A numerical simulation of coupled heat mass transfer in batch wise desublimation M.Chatterjee, A.K.Mahendra, V.D.Puranik and B.Bhattacharjee CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-040 Download
41 2000 Investigation of thermodynamic instabilities in plasma beams K.B.Galitseyskiy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-041 Download
42 2000 Convective flow over an inclined plate with variable heat and mass flux P.Ganesan and G.Palani CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-042 Download
43 2000 Heat and mass transfer correlations for turbulent separated flows A.V.Gorin and D.Ph.Sikovsky CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-043 Download
44 2000 LES of heat transfer from impinging jets over a moving surface Himadri Chattopadhyay, Sujoy K.Saha and Nimai K.Mitra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-044 Download
45 2000 Mass transfer characteristics for a sonoluminescing gas bubble Jung-Hee Na, Sung-Kap Cho and Ho-Young Kwak CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-045 Download
46 2000 Investigation of heat transfer during laminar flow of incompressible liquid through periodic porous media Kuang-Ting Hsiao, Hans Laudorn and Suresh G.Advani CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-046 Download
47 2000 Drying characteristics of some commercially important vegetables Lee Shik Lin and V.R.Radhakrishnan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-047 Download
48 2000 Experimental investigation of heat transfer by slot jet impingement on a triangular prism P.Manna and R.K.Brahma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-048 Download
49 2000 Experimental investigation of fluid flow and heat transfer by jet impingement on a flat and a grooved plate Mansoor S.H., R.K.Brahma and P.K.Das CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-049 Download
50 2000 The effect of particle-particle interaction on heat transfer in a horizontal Mansoori Z., Saffar Avval M and Basirat-Tabrizi H. CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-050 Download
51 2000 Heat transfer study of high speed plow over a spiked-blunt body R.C.Mehta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-051 Download
52 2000 Study of heat transfer and friction in solar air heaters roughened with staggered discrete ribs K.B.Muluwork, S.C.Solani and J.S.Saini CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-052 Download
53 2000 Need for reliable heat transfer coefficient correlation for transitional flow regime in rectangular duct of smooth plate solar air heater Rajendra Karwa CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-053 Download
54 2000 Computation of mean temperature in turbulent evaporating spray using probability density functions V.Ramanujachari, S.Balakrishna and S.Ganesan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-054 Download
55 2000 An experimental study of heat transfer and flow on a gas turbine blade tip with various tip leakage sealing methods Ronald S.Bunker and Jeremy C.Bailey CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-055 Download
56 2000 Determination of mass-transfer coefficient for a metal extraction process in uranium refining S.B.Roy, S.K.Satpati and S.L.Narayanamurthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-056 Download
57 2000 Heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of varying-pitch twisted tape generated laminar smoor swirl flow S.K.Saha and K.Bhunia CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-057 Download
58 2000 Laminar flow with inlet and side injection in a circular short duct Snehamoy Majumder and Dipankar Sanyal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-058 Download
59 2000 Heat and mass transfer in cylindrical activated carbon-ammonia beds for absorption refrigeration systems K.Uma Sankar, M.P.Maiya and S.Srinivasa Murthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-059 Download
60 2000 Investigation of thermodynamic instability of a plasma beam Vyacheslav T.Volov CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-060 Download
61 2000 Effect of fin pitch on flow and heat transfer in multilouvered fins Zhang Xiangang and D.K.Tafti CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-061 Download
62 2000 Numerical and experimental study of thermal stratification in a side-heated cavity S.P.Das and P.Dutta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-062 Download
63 2000 Laminar natural convection inside a square cavity filled with a low prandtl number fluid M.R.Dhanasekaran, Sarit Kumar Das and S.P. Venkateshan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-063 Download
64 2000 Method of calculation of physical heat parameters of the isolating cover V.Faleev, M.Bogdanova and L.Milovskaya CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-064 Download
65 2000 On impulsive motion of a vertical cylinder P.Ganesan and P.Loganathan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-065 Download
66 2000 Transient natural convection along an isothermal vertical cylinder with constant mass flux P.Ganesan and H.P.Rani CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-066 Download
67 2000 Study of natural convection hydrodynamic and heat exchange in vertical open-ended channels Yu.F.Gortyshov, I.A.Popov, V.V.Olympiev and B.B.Kostylev CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-067 Download
68 2000 Conjugate laminar natural convection in an enclosure of fine thickness with internal heat generation in the fluid P.K.Guchhait, S.Sengupta and K.Sasidharan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-068 Download
69 2000 Modelling of turbulent plane plume Kalyan Kalita, Anupam Dewan and Anoop K.Dass CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-069 Download
70 2000 Interaction of variable property low Rayleigh number natural convection and surface radiation in a differentially heated square cavity S.K.Mahapatra, S.Sen and A.Sarkar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-070 Download
71 2000 Numerical solution of low past an impulsively started vertical plate with heat and mass flux R.Muthucumaraswamy and P.Ganesan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-071 Download
72 2000 Natural convection heat transfer in cavities with volumetric heat generation and rod obstructions Naik H.A. and Vedula R.P. CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-072 Download
73 2000 Heat transfer from a flat surface with mesh wire finning by natural convection Ye.N.Pismenny, V.A.Rogachev and N.V.Bosaya CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-073 Download
74 2000 A numerical study of free convection in an open cavity with a discrete heat source R.Rajesh, C.Balaji and S.P.Venkateshan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-074 Download
75 2000 Effect of Oscillatory flow on mixed convection in a vertical porous stratum N.Rudraiah and Dinesh P.A. and P.M. Patil CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-075 Download
76 2000 Free convection in a vertical channel with a built-in heated square block A.K.Saha CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-076 Download
77 2000 Combined convection in corrugated channels using Galerkin’s method with cubic B-splines P.A. Sarma and B.V.S.S.S.Prasad CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-077 Download
78 2000 Effect of non-darcy flow on steady three-dimensional natural convection in a cubic porous enclosure V.V.Satyamurty and R.V.Sharma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-078 Download
79 2000 Effect of internal heat generation on onset of convection in a fluid layer with throughflow I.S.Shivakumara and S.P.Suma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-079 Download
80 2000 Buoyancy driven convection in a titled rectangular porous cavity I.S.Shivakumara, M.Venkatachalappa and B.M.R.Prasanna CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-080 Download
81 2000 Numerical prediction of laminar two-dimensional room air flow with and without buoyancy S.L.Sinha, R.C. Arora and Subharansu Roy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-081 Download
82 2000 Numerical simulation of buoyant and non-buoyant flows in a room using a low-reynolds-number turbulence model S.L.Sinha, R.C.Arora and Subharansu Roy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-082 Download
83 2000 Finite element analysis of hollow brick drying ion free convection environment H.N.Suresh, Y.T.K.Gowda, D.S.Nagesh, P.A.Aswatha Naryana and K.N.Seetharamu CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-083 Download
84 2000 Computation of buoyancy-driven flow in a czochralski crucible Seven Enger, Bisvajit Basu, Michael Preuer and Franz Durst CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-084 Download
85 2000 Enhancement of natural convection heat transfer using V-plates A.N.Tikekar, N.K.Sane, V.M.Diwan and S.A.Khot CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-085 Download
86 2000 Experimental investigation of natural convection heat transfer from vertical notched in arrays A.N.Tikekar, N.K.Sane and K.P.Morankar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-086 Download
87 2000 Experimental study of the flow within a levitated spot-heated drop E.H.Trinh, S.K.Chung and S.S.Sadhal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-087 Download
88 2000 Transient natural convection between two coaxial vertical cylinders partially filled with a porous material Trishna Paul and A.K.Singh CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-088 Download
89 2000 Interaction of surface radiation with laminar natural convection in an enclosure with isoflux hot wall K.Velusamy. T.Sundararajan, K.N.Seetharamu and G.Vaidyanathan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-089 Download
90 2000 Combined buoyancy and surface tension driven convection in a vertical annulus M.Venkatachalappa CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-090 Download
91 2000 Optimum static pressure in mixed convection cooling in a stack of heated plates Vipin Yadav and Keshav Kant CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-091 Download
92 2000 Thermal performance of a chip scale package using a 3-dimensional conjugate analysis Vyasa K., Hassan, A.Y., K.N.Seetharamu, Chandra Jayaram and Amir Nur Rashid CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-092 Download
93 2000 Development and qualification of flexible thermal protection system for launch vehicle base region Deependran B., Jeyarajan S., Radhakrishnan T.V., Narayanan K.N. and Verma A.K. CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-093 Download
94 2000 Coupled conduction and radiation heat transfer in a gray anisotropically scattering planar medium with reflecting boundaries S.K.Krishnaprakas K.Badari Naryana and Pradip Dutta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-094 Download
95 2000 Temperature control of electronic equipments Leelamma Simon and A.K.Verma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-095 Download
96 2000 Generalized monte carlo formulations for radiative heat transfer problems in Cartesian enclosures with absorbing emitting and scattering media P.Mahanta and Subhash C.Mishra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-096 Download
97 2000 Solution of radiative heat transfer problems in long cylindrical enclosure with participating media P.Mahanta and Subhash C.Mishra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-097 Download
98 2000 Improvements to the collapsed dimension method of calculating radiative heat transfer P.Mahanta and Subhash C.Mishra and P.Talukdar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-098 Download
99 2000 Computation of radiation heat transfer in packed beds using an unstructured finite volume method J.Y.Murthy and S.R.Mathur CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-099 Download
100 2000 Thermal protection system design of a propellant feed line exposed to radiative environment T.V.Radhakrishnan, M.J.Chacko, B.Sundar, S.Jeyarajan B.Deependran, George Joshep and K.N.Narayanan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-100 Download
101 2000 Monte-carlo simulation of radiative heating from an isotropically scattering inhomogenous medium S.Sunil Kumar and K.Ramamurthi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-101 Download
102 2000 Local and average boiling heat transfer coefficient in a tube bundle Akhilesh Gupta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-102 Download
103 2000 Pool boiling of liquid mixtures on enhanced surfaces S.S.Alam, S.Husain and I.A. Khan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-103 Download
104 2000 Modeling of nonstationary thermo-hydraulic processes at vapor-liquid interface Boris G.Pokusaev and Dmitri A.Kazenin CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-104 Download
105 2000 Heat transfer to boiling pure liquids from enhanced surfaces S.Husain, S.S.Alam and I.A.Khan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-105 Download
106 2000 Theoretical modeling of condensation of steam in a vertical tube in the presence of a noncondensable gas N.K.Maheshwari, A.Borgohain, D.Saha, R.K.Sinha and V.Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-106 Download
107 2000 Structure and stability of ultrathin water films and the mechanism of droplet formation on wetting surfaces A.Majumdar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-107 Download
108 2000 Direct contact condensation of vapour on laminar conical spray sheet of water T.Nageswara Rao and S.P.Venkateshan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-108 Download
109 2000 Assessment of pressure drop correlations against data generated for vertically upward two-phase flow in a pipe D.S.Pilkhwal, P.K.Vijayan, A.K.Pal, D.Saha, R.K.Sinha and V.Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-109 Download
110 2000 Investigation of poor boiling from enhanced compact heat exchanger surfaces Rainer Mertz, Prateep Chatterjee and Manfred Groll CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-110 Download
111 2000 Condensation heat transfer in vapour lock K.Ramamurthi and S.Sunil Kumar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-111 Download
112 2000 Numerical study of laminar film condensation over horizontal integral-fin tube surface P.S.S.Srinivasan and R.Balasubramanian CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-112 Download
113 2000 Convective boiling in a horizontal annulus Srinivasarao S. and Kannan N.Iyer CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-113 Download
114 2000 An assessment of void fraction correlations for various orientations of the flow geometry P.K.Vijayan, D.S.Pilkhwal, D.Saha V.Venkat Raj, A.P.Patil and N.K.Sane CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-114 Download
115 2000 Pool boiling heat transfer in anionic aqueous surfactant solutions: effect of additive molecular weight Vivek M.Wasekar and Raj K.Manglik CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-115 Download
116 2000 Dynamics of a single tube vertical thermosiphon reboiler H.A.Zaidi, M.Kamil and S.S.Alam CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-116 Download
117 2000 Three-dimensional simulation of low pressure and LEC high pressure czochralski growth A.Chatterjee, D.Sun and V.Prasad CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-117 Download
118 2000 A CFD-based optimization procedure and correlation development for staggered plate fin heatsinks Denpong Soodphakdee, Masud Behnia and David Copeland CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-118 Download
119 2000 Validation of radiative transfer models used in CFD codes A.Ganesh Babu, S.Jayanti and K.Krishnaiah CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-119 Download
120 2000 Development of a code using non-orthogonal collected grid for natural convection studies in complex geometrics D.Ghosh Roychowdhury, Sarit Kumar Das, T.Sundararajan, S.Govindarajan and S.C.Chetal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-120 Download
121 2000 Thermal studies on a gas turbine engine high pressure stage turbine disc V.Kesavan, S.A.vasudev and Meera Kaushal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-121 Download
122 2000 CFD application in electronics systems cooling (3D modeling) Ko Yun Hung, Ng Kok Yip, G.A. Quadir, K.N.Seetharamu and Cheah Thean Soo CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-123 Download
123 2000 Finite element analysis of mixed convection heat transfer in tube banks Y.T.Krishna Gowda, H.N.Suresh, P.A.Aswatha Narayana and K.N. Seetharamu CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-123 Download
124 2000 VFLOWR A computer code for predicting flow regimes in vertical pipes H.G.Lele, B.Chatterjee, S.K.Gupta and V.Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-124 Download
125 2000 A numerical study of velocity and temperature distribution of air over a rectangular body S.K.Maharana, A.K.Ghosh and P.Nanda CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-125 Download
126 2000 Numerical simulation of enhanced oil recovery from porous formations and fractured rocks Partha Pratim Mukherjee, K.Muralidhar and G.Biswas CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-126 Download
127 2000 Accuracy study of the axisymmetric shell elements for heat conduction S.Perwez Kalim CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-127 Download
128 2000 Implementation of band width independent solver for large symmetrical spars matrices: Application to finite element analysis of steel slab solidification T.S.Prasanna Kumar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-128 Download
129 2000 Computational study of transfer and Dissipation of impeller power V.V.Ranade and Y.Tayalia CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-129 Download
130 2000 Thermal Analysis of TBGA Flip chip package using the finite element method Robert Paragasam, Mustain, H.A., K.N.Seetharamu and Hassan A.Y. CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-130 Download
131 2000 Viscous calculation for turbo machinery applications with multigrid algorithm S.Sarkar, Kaushik Das and Debashis Basu CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-131 Download
132 2000 Effect of thermally induced convection currents on the thermal behavior of cooled liquids Adnan Hafiz and F.A.Ansari CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-132 Download
133 2000 Infrared vision using an uncooled thermo-opto-mechanical camera: design, microfabrication and performance M.Mai, T.Perazzo O.Kwon, A.Majumdar, J.Varesi and P.Norton CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-133 Download
134 2000 Axisymmetric heat conduction in a novel nuclear reactor axial power monitor during calibration test under electrical heating Niranjan K. Talukdar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-134 Download
135 2000 Heat capacity measurement of different aerospace materials V.Ramakrishnan, A.Ramasamy, P.P.Gupta and H.Naryana Murthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-135 Download
136 2000 An experimental study of the effect of intermittent swirlers for marine lubricating oil cooler application J.R. Abraham, R.D.Misal, and M.S.Loknath CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-136 Download
137 2000 Optimal design of artificially roughened solar air heaters Adnam Qayoum and J.S.Saini CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-137 Download
138 2000 Parametric study on computer aided design of shell and tube heat exchanger Ashok T.Pise, S.K.Ponde and Keshav Kant CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-138 Download
139 2000 Thermal analysis of an aero engine exhaust strut Batchu Suresh, Vasudev S.A., Kesavan V and Meera Kaushal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-139 Download
140 2000 A method of evaluating the efficiency of heat transfer enhancement in heat exchangers G.A. Dreitser and A.S.Myakotchin CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-140 Download
141 2000 Nonstationary temperature fields of the phase change “Liquid solid phases” in compact heat exchangers V.V.Faleev, N.V.Mozgovoi, L.S.Milovskya and S.V.Faleev CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-141 Download
142 2000 Use of artificial neural networks for temperature control in heat exchangers Gerardo Diaz, Mihir Sen, K.T.Yang and Rodney L.McClain CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-142 Download
143 2000 Determination of settling volume and aerosol generation rate in the generation chamber of a virtual impactor type aerosol generator Md. Shamim Akhter, Souvik Bhattacharyya and R.C.Arora CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-143 Download
144 2000 Analysis of current leads for superconducting devices Pradeep Sahoo and Sunil Sarangi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-144 Download
145 2000 Performance evaluation of cross flow evaporative water cooling tower in thermal power plants M.Prasad CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-145 Download
146 2000 Performance evaluation of wire-on-tube heat exchangers using FEM G.A.Quadir, G.M.Krishnan and K.N.Seetharamu CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-146 Download
147 2000 FEM application in evaluating the performance of microchemical heat exchanger used in electronic package cooling G.A.Quadir, K.N.Seetharamu and M.Frederick CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-147 Download
148 2000 An experimental performance evaluation of a plate heat exchanger and an augmented shell and tube heat exchanger for marine lube oil cooler application A.V.Rao, R.D.Misal and M.S.Loknath CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-148 Download
149 2000 Finite-time thermodynamic analysis of a flat-plate solar collector Samir Kumar Saha and D.K.Mahanta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-149 Download
150 2000 Cooling of electronic components by mini heat pipe arrays M.Schneider, M.Yoshida and M.Groll CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-150 Download
151 2000 A comprehensive treatment of heat exchanger analysis in the presence of a third medium Shashi B.Lalvani, Manohar Kulkarni and Wenchuan He CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-151 Download
152 2000 Heat pipe technology for refrigeration and cooling (principles and practical applications) H.F.Smirnov CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-152 Download
153 2000 Development and study of compact high-temperature ceramic tubular air heaters A.V.Soudarev, Soudarev B.V. and Grishaev V.V. CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-153 Download
154 2000 Integrated analysis of an automotive system with conjugate heat transfer Sunil S.Murhty, Yogendra Joshi, Vance H. Adams and Koneru Ramakrishna CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-154 Download
155 2000 Analytical studies on a cross flow type wire mesh packed solar air heater L.Varshney and J.S.Saini CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-155 Download
156 2000 Thermal management of avionics systems-special purpose aircraft T.K.vashish and Arjun V.Caprihan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-156 Download
157 2000 Heat transfer enhancement using winglet type vortex generators in plate-fin heat exchangers having triangular fins R.Vasudevan, V.Eswaran and G.Biswas CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-157 Download
158 2000 Sphericosymmetric combustion of a multicomponent fuel droplet in a dilute spray Achintya Mukhopadhyay and Dipankar Sanyal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-158 Download
159 2000 Numerical study of heat and mass transfer in a cylindrical oil fired furnace A.Datta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-159 Download
160 2000 Experimental investigation of mass transfer during combustion of different fuels in rocket engine S.a.Doubenets and I.V.Garanin CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-160 Download
161 2000 Multi-component fuel droplet combustion: An alternative method of solution Mandal, Kesav Kant and T.Sundararajan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-161 Download
162 2000 Numerical studies of stretched methane-air cylindrical premixes flames D.P. Mishra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-162 Download
163 2000 Emission characteristics of catalytic converters during various test cycles Subrata Sengupta, Huixian Shen and Tariq Shamim CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-163 Download
164 2000 Numerical simulation of radiative effects of soot on transient combustion of spherically symmetric droplets Sunil Kumar, Anjan Ray and S.R.Kale CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-164 Download
165 2000 Numerical simulation of transport processes during injection mold-filling and optimization of molding conditions Amit Kumar, P.S.Ghoshdastidar and M.K.Muju CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-165 Download
166 2000 Effect of air gap on the solidification simulation of steel castings S.P. Bulusu, K.N.Seetharamu and T.Sundararajan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-166 Download
167 2000 Transient temperature estimation in the workpiece of low fourier number wire electrical discharge machining process Dhruba Samanta and Simul Banerjee CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-167 Download
168 2000 Analyses of heat transfer and solidification of splat formation in plasma-sprayed zirconia yttria thermal barrier coatings Guo-xiang Wang, R.Goswami, S.Sampath and V. Prasad CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-168 Download
169 2000 Measurement of velocity field and estimation of heat transfer coefficient in a commercial hot air jet impingement oven Heather E., Marcroft, N.Nitin and Mukund V.Karwe CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-169 Download
170 2000 Numerical study of conjugate heat transfer in food extrusion dies Indrani deo and Mukund V.Karwe CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-170 Download
171 2000 Heat transfer during the hot pressing of plywood R.N.Kumar, Lau Kam Wah, D.Sujan, Zainal Alimuddin Zainal Alauddin and K.N.Seetharamu CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-171 Download
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193 2000 Increase of efficiency of internal combustion engines by the use of laval’s turbine O.Cheypak, A.Sheypak and A.Voskresensky CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-193 Download
194 2000 Heat transfer and fluid management in alkali metal thermal to electric converter (AMTEC) – an overview M.J.Schuller and D.Angirasa CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-194 Download
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196 2000 Research of heat exchange and losses of kinetic energy in the working blades with a large relative step Viktor A.Raassohin and Nikita M.Golovin CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-196 Download
197 2000 Dynamic temperature profiles inside biomass gasifier Zainal Alimuddin Zainal Alluddin CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-197 Download
198 2000 Cryogenic insulation systems (invited paper) K.G.Narayankhedkar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-198 Download
199 2000 Augmentation of natural convection heat transfer for a vertical tube in transformer oil by applying EHD-Technique D.K.Dixit CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-199 Download
200 2000 The influence of electric field on the free convection heat transfer in air D.K.Dixit CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-200 Download
201 2000 Detailed heat transfer measurements inside straight and tapered smooth two-pass channels Sriniath V.Ekkad and Gautam Pamula CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-201 Download
202 2000 High-resolution, laser-based measurement of the solid-liquid interface temperature change at a transparent solid medium C.H.Fan and J.P. Longtin CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-202 Download
203 2000 Large eddy simulations of jets in cross flow: effect of jet inclination angle Mayank Tyagi and Sumanta Acharya CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2000-203 Download