Past proceedings

S.No Year Title Author Category Code Download
1 1997 Impact of energy separation on heat transfer W.S. Seol and R.J.Goldstein INVITED LECTURES HMT-97-001 Download
2 1997 Heat pipes and closed two-phase thermosyphons for rational use of energy and efficient cooling and heating technologies Manfred Groll CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-002 Download
3 1997 Augmentation of heat transfer using vortex generators Kahoru Torii and JurandirI. Yanagihara CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-003 Download
4 1997 Some problems of transport phenomena in the combustion of fuel sprays R. Natarajan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-004 Download
5 1997 Heat transfer in thermal plasmas N. Venkatramani CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-005 Download
6 1997 Heat and mass transfer in metal hydride reactors: influence on design and performance of heating and cooling systems S. Srinivasa Murthy and M. Ram Gopal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-006 Download
7 1997 Thermal conditioning and stratification in cryogenic propellant rocket system K. Ramamurthi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-007 Download
8 1997 Application of computerized tomography for measurements in heat and mass transfer P. Munshi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-008 Download
9 1997 Thermal hydraulic problems of sodium cooled fast reactors G. Vaidyanathan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-009 Download
10 1997 Enhanced boiling heat transfer using passive augmentation techniques A.R. Balakrishnan and S. Madhusudana Rao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-010 Download
11 1997 Role and characterisation of double-diffusive convection during solidification of binary alloys B. Basu and A.K. Singh CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-011 Download
12 1997 Results of some recent studies on pool nucleate and film boiling V.K. Dhir CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-012 Download
13 1997 Advances in solution methods for effectiveness-NTU relationships for heat exchanger complex flow arrangements D.P. Sekulic and R.K.Shah CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-013 Download
14 1997 Heat and mass transfer in czochralski crystal growth systems H. Zhang and V. Prasad CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-014 Download
15 1997 Heat transfer in film cooled turbine blades Vijay K. Garg CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-015 Download
16 1997 Stability and rupture of thin liquid film S.G. Bankoff and Alexander Oran CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-016 Download
17 1997 Bone-cell growth in microgravity-cell biology, fluid mechanics and mass transfer P.S. Ayyaswamy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-017 Download
18 1997 Large eddy simulation of complex flows with heat transfer N.K. Mitra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-018 Download
19 1997 On the role of finite elements in heat and mass transfer K.N. Seetharamu CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-019 Download
20 1997 Industrial vaporisers and recent research Vishwas V. Wadekar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-020 Download
21 1997 Calculation and control of contact conductivity in construction elements of spacecraft and power systems Yu. S. Mesnyankin CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-021 Download
22 1997 Thermal boundary effects for laminated composite solids S S. Sadhal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-022 Download
23 1997 Thermal stress simulation for space reinforced composite structures V.V. Vorobey CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-023 Download
24 1997 Capillary porous structures as a specific form of a volume sublimation in solid refrigerants Andrey V. Rozhentsev CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-024 Download
25 1997 A peculiarity of effective thermal conduction in solid capillary porous refrigerants Andrey V. Rozhentsev and Michael V. Rybnikov CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-025 Download
26 1997 Analysis of microwave thawing with the effective heat capacity method Tanmay Basak and K.G.Ayappa CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-026 Download
27 1997 Interface positions and heat flux distributions in steady, two-dimensional, pure water-ice systems Elanine Bohr, Nabil Elkouh and B. Rabi Baliga CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-027 Download
28 1997 Modeling and simulation of human thermal activity S.C. Boregowda, S.N.Tiwari and S.K.Chaturvedi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-028 Download
29 1997 Analysis of some theoretical methods developed for comparison of thermohydraulic effectiveness of heat transfer surfaces G.A. Dreitser, B.V. Dzyubenko and R.I. Yankimenko CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-029 Download
30 1997 Heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of laminar flow through a circular tube fitted with regularly spaced twisted tape elements with multiple twists S.K. Saha and D. Chakraborty CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-030 Download
31 1997 Performance evaluation of full length and half length twisted tape inserts on laminar flow heat transfer in tubes M.S. Lokanath CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-031 Download
32 1997 Experimental investigation heat transfer characteristics of a round jet impinging on a flat plate at constant heat flux condition S.K. Biswas, P. Manna and R.K. Brahma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-032 Download
33 1997 Heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics of rectangular ducts with inclined chamfered rib-roughness on one broad heated wall Rajendra Karwa, S.C.Solanki and J.S. Saini CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-033 Download
34 1997 Physical model of streamline and heat transfer in transversely finned tubes Ye. N. Pismenny CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-034 Download
35 1997 Gas-phase controlled absorption for countercurrently flowing gas and liquid between two rotating disks P. Sandilya, G. Biswas and A. Sharma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-035 Download
36 1997 Local heat transfer distribution in a rotating square channel with a sharp 180 DEG bend S.V. Prabhu and R.P. Vedula CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-036 Download
37 1997 Effect of drop diameter on mass transfer in liquid-liquid systems M.M. Anwar, S. Anwar and D.W. Pritchard CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-037 Download
38 1997 Hydrothermal growth due to double diffusive convection in composite materials M. Venkatachalappa, Prasad, I.S. Shivakumara and R. Sumithra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-038 Download
39 1997 Two-dimensional numerical study of developing flow and heat transfer in wavy passages K.M. Stone and S.P. Vanka CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-039 Download
40 1997 On the benard-poiseuille problem for Newtonian and slightly non-newtonian fluids-a numerical study John T. Albers and V. Dakshina Murty CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-040 Download
41 1997 Liquid-liquid two phase layered thermocapillary flow of non-newtonian fluids Dennis A. Siginer, Li Yunling and ThomasE.Jacks CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-041 Download
42 1997 An experimental study for estimating heat transfer coefficient from coiled tube surfaces in cross-flow of air Rahul Salhotra, S.K.Gupta and P.M.V.Subbarao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-042 Download
43 1997 Mathematical model for predicting the horizontal dispersion of thermal discharge in a water body L.D. Papney and S.K. Gupta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-043 Download
44 1997 Experimental study on enhancement of heat transfer due to the longitudinal vortices in a channel K. Torii, P.M.V. Subbarao and G. Biswas CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-044 Download
45 1997 Heat transfer in the flow of a viscoelastic fluid over a stretching surface S. Bhattacharyya, A. Pal and A.S. Gupta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-045 Download
46 1997 Unsteady convective heat transfer during displacement of liquid from a vessel by hot gas G.A. Dreitser, V.V.Volkov, A.S. Myakochin and A.S.Neverov CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-046 Download
47 1997 Turbulent heat transfer processes in idealized czochralski crystal growth configurations C. Wagner and R.Friedrich CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-047 Download
48 1997 Turbulent fluid flow modeling to predict the heat transfer in the plasma furnace M.R.R.I. Shamsi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-048 Download
49 1997 Turbulent heat transfer and fluid flow in orthogonally rotating channels Sandip Dutta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-049 Download
50 1997 Effect of an external flow on heat transfer in turbulent rayleigh-benard convection S. Ananda Theerthan and J.H. Arakeri CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-050 Download
51 1997 Numerical analysis of temperature fluctuations damping in a two-dimensional cavity Arlindo de Matos and Aristeu Silveira-Neto CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-051 Download
52 1997 A numerical study of turbulent fluid flow and heat transfer in a channel with discrete heated modules P. Deb, B. Basu and P.Majumdar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-052 Download
53 1997 Numerical study of flow and heat transfer over an array of heated blocks A.K. Saha and P.K. Maji CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-053 Download
54 1997 Transient heat transfer from protruding electronic modules on a vertical board during orthogonal mixed convection Muhammad M. Rahman and Jagannath Raghavan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-054 Download
55 1997 Influence of variable density on natural convection in gas-filled rectangular porous enclosure V.V. Satyamurty and R.V.Sharma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-055 Download
56 1997 Combined free and forced convection heat transfer to water in the entrance region of a horizontal annulus Nazurl Islam, U.N. Gaitonde and G.K.Sharma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-056 Download
57 1997 Experimental study of Rayleigh-benard convection in square cavity at intermediate Rayleigh numbers Debasish Mishra, K.Muralidhar and P.Munshi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-057 Download
58 1997 Free convection in a vertical parallel-plate channel for nouniform inlet velocity T.K. Bhattacharyya CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-058 Download
59 1997 Theoretical study of hydromagnetic free convection flow from a vertical surface to an isothermal porous medium with viscous heating, Brinkman friction and inertial drag O.A. Beg, H.S. Takhar and M.A. Hossain CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-059 Download
60 1997 Buoyancy-driven convection in vertical concentric cylindrical annulus M. Venkatachalappa CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-060 Download
61 1997 Laminar free convection in a horizontal cavity containing air and a condensable vapour P.K. De J. Srinivasan and J.H. Arakeri CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-061 Download
62 1997 Free convective mass transfer from vertical short cylinders to non-newtonian fluids R.P. Chhabra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-062 Download
63 1997 Monte carlo prediction of radiative heat transfer in absorbing-emitting-scattering isothermal media in one-and two-dimensional Cartesian enclosures Subash Chandra Mishra and Manohar Prasad CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-063 Download
64 1997 Thermal design and analysis of payload deck of iIRS-P3 jets K.V. Shantharam and S.G. Barve CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-064 Download
65 1997 Radiation, heat and mass transfer in chemically reactive jets K.B. Galitseisky CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-065 Download
66 1997 A numerical study of radiative heat transfer in a rapid thermal processing chamber Pradip Dutta and John C. Chai CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-066 Download
67 1997 Three dimensional thermal radiation heat transfer analysis of a vaccum chamber for material processing K.K. Mishra, V. Bhasin, L.M. Gantayet, and H.S. Kushwaha CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-067 Download
68 1997 Experimental study of boiling incipience in a closed loop thermosiphon Mohd. Kamil and S.S. Alam CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-068 Download
69 1997 Pool boiling heat transfer over interference plates S. Pal, S. Madhusudana Rao and A.R. Balakrishnan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-069 Download
70 1997 Analytical model of critical boiling heat flux from a vertical heating tube inserted in porous media Hailong Mo, Tongze Ma and Zhengfang Zhang CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-070 Download
71 1997 Prediction of heat transfer coefficient for nucleate pool boiling of mixtures on finned tubes Abdul-Ameer S. Kadhum, M.A. Aboukheshem and B.S. Varshney CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-071 Download
72 1997 Experimental study of the heat transfer enhancement during vapour condensation from vapour-air mixtures on vertical tubes G.A. Dreitser and S.G. Zakirov CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-072 Download
73 1997 Experimental augumentation of nucleate pool boiling heat transfer coefficient Sattar Husain CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-073 Download
74 1997 Study of underside condensation of liquid metal on a partially wettable substrate J. Mukherjee, K.K. mishra, P. Anupama, N. Maiti, L.M. Gantayet and S.V.G. Menon CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-074 Download
75 1997 A general correlation for heat transfer during film boiling in vertical tubes M. Mohammed Shah and M. Altamush Siddiqui CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-075 Download
76 1997 Experimental hydrodynamics research of single-phase flow and mathematical model of boiling of cryogenic liquid in a channel with twisted-tape insert Mikhail K. Antipin, Olga B. Karpova, Stanislav E. Tarasevich and Anatoly B. Yakovlev CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-076 Download
77 1997 Experimental studies of hydrodynamics and heat exchange in channels with high-porous cellular materials in forced convection of single-phase and boiling working fluids Yu. F. Gortyshov, I.A. Popov and K.E. Gulitsky CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-077 Download
78 1997 Heat transfer specific nature at nitrogen film boiling in vertical tube in conditions of large liquid subcool G.A. Dreitser, I.V. Antukhov and V.P. Firsov CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-078 Download
79 1997 Electrohydrodynamic enhancement of heat transport capacity of a micro heat pipe W.W. Bhagat, W.P. King and K.P. Hallinam CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-079 Download
80 1997 Bubble distributions in two-phase flows S. Neti,O.E.E. Mohammed and E. Graf CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-080 Download
81 1997 Modeling of geysering instabilities during startup in two heated parallel channels J.C. Paniagua, U.S. Rohatgi and V. Prasad CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-081 Download
82 1997 Thermodynamic modeling of non-equilibrium processes in porous materials Eugeniusz Kalinowski and Andrzej Bucewicz CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-082 Download
83 1997 A new approach for bubbly flow to slug flow transition for vertical upward two-phase flow in pipes P.K. Vijayan, D.S. Pilkhwal, D. Saha, R.K. Sinha and V. Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-083 Download
84 1997 Computation of multiphase flows S. Banerjee, F. Beux, V. De Angelis and Y. Pan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-084 Download
85 1997 Thermo-mechanical modeling of high pressure liquid-encapsulated Czochralski Crystal Growth system H. Zhang and V. Prasad CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-085 Download
86 1997 Natural convective heat and mass transfer in fluid saturated anisotropic porous medium P. Nithiarasu, K.N. Seetharamu and T. Sundararajan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-086 Download
87 1997 Heat transfer characteristics of a heated laminar offset slot jet R.C. Arora and K.A. Hossain CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-087 Download
88 1997 Numerical prediction of laminar and turbulent flow through 90° bend ducts of square and circular cross sections using non-staggered non-orthogonal grid S. Ray and A.W. Date CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-088 Download
89 1997 Thermostructural analysis of a solid rocket motor nozzle throat insert using finite element method R.C. Mehta, K. Suresh and R. Narayana Iyer CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-089 Download
90 1997 Numerical estimation of three-dimensional temperature distribution for laser heat treatment of finite size work pieces B.V.S.S.S. Prasad, Jaydev rana and P.K. Mishra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-090 Download
91 1997 Numerical investigation of heat transfer and control of vortex shedding in the wake of a circular cylinder K. Veerabathra Swamy, G. Biswas and K. Venkatraman CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-091 Download
92 1997 A numerical study of natural convection in a porous square cavity with sinusoidal surface undulations B.V. rathish Kumar, P.V.S.N. murthy and P. Singh CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-092 Download
93 1997 A numerical simulation of buoyancy driven melt flow in a czochralski crystal puller subject to constant wall heat flux A.Roy, S. Roy and R.C. Arora CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-093 Download
94 1997 The ocv method for incompressible fluid flow calculation on non-staggered grids Atul Kumar Verma and V. Eswaran CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-094 Download
95 1997 Numerical simulation of turbulent flow and impingement heat transfer for an inclined jet in a duct with crossflow P.W. Li, K. Inaoka, K. Muralidhar and K. Suzuki CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-095 Download
96 1997 Finite element thermal analysis of steel ingots M.Prasad and S.K. Mazumdar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-096 Download
97 1997 A time-dependent calculation procedure for flow and heat transfer in a periodic array of louvered fins D.K. tafi and L.W. Zhang CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-097 Download
98 1997 Numerical investigation of flow and heat transfer in a finned oval tube Y. Chen, M. Fiebig and N.K. Mitra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-098 Download
99 1997 A comparison between a numerical scheme using asymptotic developments and the “fluent code” for different results on unsteady heat transfer in pipes R. Creff, J. Batina, J. Tourreuil and Y. Lecointe CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-099 Download
100 1997 Reconstruction of the temperature field in Rayleigh-benard convection in a cylindrical cavity using interferometry S.K. Bhadra, G. Biswas and K. Muralidhar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-100 Download
101 1997 Filtering of measurements of non-ststionary yemperatures of media L.N. Alexandrovskaya, E.N. Nikiporets and V.V. Smirnov CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-101 Download
102 1997 Heat transfer at the trip of a cylindrical fiber-optic probe for measuring temperature oscillations in gas flows Nirajan K. Talukder CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-102 Download
103 1997 An experimental method to determine the interfacial velocity in the core-annular flow in a tube Sayavur I. Bakhtiyarov and Dennis A. Siginer CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-103 Download
104 1997 Evolutionary synthesis of heat exchanger networks Rakesh K.C. Mehta and Shankar Narasimhan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-104 Download
105 1997 Performance evaluation of a plate heat exchanger and an augmented shell and tube heat exchanger J.P.R. Moses, R.D. Misal and M.S. Lokanath CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-105 Download
106 1997 Performance of heat exchangers with multicomponent zeotropic mixtures undergoing phase change G. Venkatarathnam and S. Srinivasa Murthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-106 Download
107 1997 An experimental investigation of fouling of heat exchangers on a crude oil preheat train P.R. Wheeldon and G.S. Virdee CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-107 Download
108 1997 Numerical study of heat transfer and pressure loss in cross-corrugated plate heat exchangers Mir-Akbar Hessami CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-108 Download
109 1997 Steady state performance analysis of once-through type steam generators Joe Mohan, R.B. Grover and V.H. Arakeri CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-109 Download
110 1997 Simulation of tube annealing furnace A.K. Singh, B. Basu, N. Ramachandran, M.K. Farook and A. Bharani Kumar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-110 Download
111 1997 Navier-stokes analysis with different turbulence models for film-cooled turbine cascades S. Sarkar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-111 Download
112 1997 A choice algorithm of an optimal cooling system of gas turbine blades B.M. Galitseisky, A.V. Loburev and M.S. Cherny CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-112 Download
113 1997 Heat transfer near the trailing edge of a cooled turbine blade with special emphasis given to pressure side cut-back length Ganesh R. Iyer, Savash Yavuzkurt and Cengiz Camci CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97113 Download
114 1997 Determination of optimal row spacing for a staggered pin fin array in a turbine blade cooling passage E.E. Donahoo, A.K. Kulkarni, A.D. Belegundu and C. Camci CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-114 Download
115 1997 The mathematical modeling of absorption-diffusion refrigerators V.N. Buz, H.F. Smirnov and V.M. Podgoretsky CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-115 Download
116 1997 Investigations on the vapor ejector autonomous refrigerator characteristics K.A. Goncharov, Yu. S. Botuk, M.A. Bukraba, V.N. Buz, A.I. Conoplev and H.F. Smirnov CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-116 Download
117 1997 Heat pipes state of the art for heat pumps Boris V. Kosoi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-117 Download
118 1997 Effect of statistical and geometric parameters of water distribution on cooling tower performance T. Shivaraman, T. Sundararajan and V.R. Raghavan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-118 Download
119 1997 A study of heat and mass transfer in a vertical evaporative cooler S.S. Kachwaha, P.L. Dhar and S.R. Kale CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-119 Download
120 1997 On Dynamics of coal char combustion: ignition and extinction behaviour P. Gupta and R.K. Saha CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-120 Download
121 1997 A heat transfer model of 1-D transient temperature field in high speed jet of hot propellant gases Yu. Yonggang and Wang Qinyong CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-121 Download
122 1997 The thermochemical interaction of bodies with high-temperature high-velocity gas flows Yu. V. Polezhaev CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-122 Download
123 1997 Entropy balance and exergy analysis in the process of droplet combustion S.D. Hiwase, A. Datta and S.K. Som CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-123 Download
124 1997 Effects of spray parameters on flame structure and emission characteristics of gas turbine combustor Datta and S.K. Som CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-124 Download
125 1997 Numerical investigation of stabilization region of turbulent non-premixed flames S.K. Chaturvedi, A.S. Kheireddine and T.O. Mohieldin CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-125 Download
126 1997 Heat exchange and evaporation of non-stationary fuel spray in heated medium Valentin Nikolayevich Lukanin and Georgi Matveevitch Kamfer CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-126 Download
127 1997 Heat and mass exchange of vapor and gas mixture in generators S.A. Doubenets, A.F. Myandin and A.A. Zintchouk CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-127 Download
128 1997 Effect of operating parameters on evaporative material removal using high-energy laser beam N.R. Pedanekar, B. Basu and Pradip Majumdar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-128 Download
129 1997 Mathematical modeling of macrosegregation of iron-carbon alloy: effect of key process and physical parameters A.K. Singh and B. Basu CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-129 Download
130 1997 Surface displacements over a thermoelastic halfspace without energy dissipation Elizabeth Mathai CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-130 Download
131 1997 A two-dimensional conduction model for laser cladding Subhransu Roy, Shouvik Basu and A. Pandey CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-131 Download
132 1997 Thermal analysis of slab caster mould A.Paul, J.M. Korath, N. Pradhan, A.K. ray, S. Mazumdar, S.V. Chandramouli, Balasubramanium and Somedev Das CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-132 Download
133 1997 Comparative assessment of different models for the two-dimensional laser melting problem A.G. Marathe and M.R. Ravi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-133 Download
134 1997 The metallic glasses formation in particle-laden flows Dmitry S. Mikhatulin, Yuri V. Polezhaev, Dmitry L. Revinznikov and Vitaly V. Rusakov CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-134 Download
135 1997 The properties of multifunction coatings synthesized by cold gas dynamics method P.V. Nikitine, N.A. Andreeve, S.M. Prorokov and A.G. Smolin CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-135 Download
136 1997 Study of heat transfer under periodic concentrated energy beam(CEB) S. Sethi, R.K. Singh, L.M. Ganayet and U.K. Chatterjee CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-136 Download
137 1997 Numerical simulation of free-jet expansion of metal vapour J. Mukherjee, L.M. Gantayet and V. Kumar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-137 Download
138 1997 Laser glazing of porous coatings: effect of laset piwer and traverse speed T.A. Mahank, J. Singh and A.K. Kulkarni CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-138 Download
139 1997 Transport processes during synthesis of catalyst particles in a VGCF reactor AKM A. Hoque, M.K. Alam and K.K. Wong CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-139 Download
140 1997 A network approach for drying capillary porous medium X.F. yang, A. T. Prata and P.C. Phillippi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-140 Download
141 1997 Thermal analysis of spent subassembly stuck-up during handling R. Gajapathy, K. Velusamy, G. Vaidyanathan and S.C. Chetal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-141 Download
142 1997 Thermalevolution of PFBR IHX due to secondary pump trip Rama Swaminathan, G. Vaidyanathan and S.C. Chetal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-142 Download
143 1997 Mixed convection of sodium in main vessel cooling circuit of PFBR K. Velusamy, T. Sundararajan, G. Vaidyanathan, S.C. Chetal and S.B. Bhoje CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-143 Download
144 1997 Turbulent natural convection in the enclosure formed by roof slab and main vessel of PFBR R. Senthil Velavan, K. Velusamy, T. Sundararajan, G. Padmanabham and G. Vaidyanathan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-145 Download
145 1997 Decay heat exchanger performance studies in scaled models M.V. Sridhara Rao, G. Padmakumar, G. Vaidyanathan and R.D. Kale CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-145 Download
146 1997 Flow mixing experiments in a 37 rod bundle B.V.S.S.S. Prasad, S.C. Haldar, P.N. Prasad and A.K. Mohanty(Late) CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-146 Download
147 1997 Design of safety grade decay heat removal system of pfbr using fem S. Athmaligam, A. Selvaraj and S.C. Chetal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-147 Download
148 1997 Preheating of pfbr reactor assembly components V. Balasubramaniyam, A.S.D. Mani, A. Selvaraj and S.C. Chetal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-148 Download
149 1997 Mixing pattern of a vertical cold jet in a hot pool K. Velusamy, M. Asokkumar, G. Vaidyanathan and S.C. Chetal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-149 Download
150 1997 Study of temperature fluctuations due to mixing of hot and cold jets in a fast reactor K. Rajesh, G. Ravichandran, G. Vaidyanathan and R.D. Kale CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-150 Download
151 1997 Two phase steam and high density liquid metal vertical flow studies inlmmhd power conversion system P. Satyamurthy, N. Venkatramani, A.M. Quraishi and A. Mushtaq CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-151 Download
152 1997 Two phase natural circulation residual heat removal J.S. Jayakumar and R.B. Grover CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-152 Download
153 1997 Unsteady heat and mass transfer in oval twisted fuel rod bundle of space nuclear reactor B.V. Dzyubenko and R.I. Yakimenko CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-153 Download
154 1997 Upgraded rbmks emergency core cooling system Oleg Yu. Novoselsky, Vladimir N. Smolin, Vladimir N. Filinov CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-154 Download
155 1997 Analysis of the moderator flow and temperature distribution inside the calandria of Indian phwrs K.S. Gupta, H.S.Bhambra, D.S. Chawla and H.S. Kushwaha CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-155 Download
156 1997 Transient temperatures in the seal disc of nuclear reactors K.S. Gupta, H.S.Bhambra, D.S. Chawla and H.S. Kushwaha CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-156 Download
157 1997 Hchf: a computer code to determine critical heat flux in horizontal channel with and without internals H.G. Lele and S.K. Gupta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-157 Download
158 1997 Small break loca analysis for Indian phwr(220 mwe) B.Chatterjee, D.Mukhopadhyay and S.K. Gupta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-158 Download
159 1997 Transient analysis of an indian 220 mwe phwr power plant following tripping of one primary circulating pump Rajesh Kumar, Avinash Gaikwad, G. Chakraborty and V. Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-159 Download
160 1997 Effect of space discretisation on the loca analyses predictions using computer code RELAP4/MOD6 D. Mukhopadhyay, B. Ghosh, S.K. Gupta and V. Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-160 Download
161 1997 Heat and mass transfer during evaporation and calcinations of concentrated Radioactive liquid waste D.P. Pande, Neeraj Jain and P.B.S. Sengar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-161 Download
162 1997 Heat transfer characteristics in a pressurized circulating fluidized bed P.K. Nag, A.V.S.S.K.S. Gupta and Deepak kumar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-162 Download
163 1997 Effect of fins on heat transfer in the cyclone separator of a cfb P.K. Nag, A.V.S.S.K.S. Gupta and A. Prem Kumar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-163 Download
164 1997 Studies in industrial cyclone heat exchanger P. Ramanan, T. Rajeswara Rao and B. Pitchumani CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-164 Download
165 1997 Waste heat recovery boiler: second law analysis B.V. Reddy and N.K. Mitra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-165 Download
166 1997 Power optimization of reciprocating stirling –like engines with ideal regeneration, mixed-mode heat transfer and finite reservoirs David A. Blank CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-166 Download
167 1997 Temperature response of a packed bed thermal storage system using an axial dispersion model for fluid Sarit Kumar Das, S. Chakrabarti and R.V. Kamat CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-167 Download
168 1997 Fluidized Bed Boiler Technology for a captive power plant-criteria for selection S. Krishnan, S.Chakrabarti and R.V.Kamat CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-168 Download
169 1997 Heat transfer in utilization systems of the internal combustion engines A.Sheipak, M. Chekalov, V. Bogdanov and V. Kapanjev CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-169 Download
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