Past proceedings

S.No Year Title Author Category Code Download
1 1995 Bi­directional reflection and directional emission from microcontoured surfaces D.W.Cohn, K.Tang and R.O.Buckius INVITED PAPERS HMT-95-001 Download
2 1995 Turbulent heat and mass transfer at gas liquid interfaces S.Banerjee CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-002 Download
3 1995 Convective heat transfer to pulsating jets D.A. Zumbrunnen CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-003 Download
4 1995 Analysis of mixed convection in external flows T.S.Chen CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-004 Download
5 1995 Engineering education in the 21st century a process model and the U.S. perspective R.K.Shah CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-005 Download
6 1995 Mechanism for heat transfer enhancement in zero­mean oscillatory flows K.T.Yang and P.Li CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-006 Download
7 1995 Solar thermal power: status of technologies and opportunities for research D.Yogi Goswami CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-007 Download
8 1995 Heat and mass transfer in the extrusion of food materials A.H. Abib, Y.Jaluria and M.V.Karwe CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-008 Download
9 1995 Solar water heating for the St.Johns Hospital in Kattappana, Keral M.Bantel CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-009 Download
10 1995 A review of phenomenological models for predicting critical heat flux in flow boiling R.B.Grover CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-010 Download
11 1995 Interaction of surface radiation and free convection in open and closed cavities S.P.Venkateshan and C.Balaji CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-011 Download
12 1995 Thermodynamic and fluid dynamic principles for the optimal design of heat exchangers in heat recovery system V.Gnielinski CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-012 Download
13 1995 Boiling of liquids in vertical tubes S.S.Alam CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-013 Download
14 1995 Heat transfer problems in superconducting electrical generators P.K.Sahoo and S.Sarangi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-014 Download
15 1995 Thermal sensors for aerospace applications B.C.Pillai CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-015 Download
16 1995 Experimental determination of transport properties of single rock fractures K.Muralidhar and P.S.Venkatesh CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-016 Download
17 1995 Performance evaluation of evacuated multilayer insulating oil tube Z.X.Yuan, Q.W.Wang and W.Q.Too CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-017 Download
18 1995 Exploring electrically induced thermal property changes in electroheological fluids S.K.Sinha CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-018 Download
19 1995 Thermal neural analysis for internal thermal management of a flip­chip electronic package V.V.Calmidi and R.L.Mahajan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-019 Download
20 1995 Transient heat transfer simulation in ceramic coated gas turbine blades N.Asok Kumar and S.R.Kale CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-020 Download
21 1995 Rewetting of a composite slab A.K.Satapathy and K.C.Singh CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-021 Download
22 1995 Numerical solution of a transient heat conduction problem in a internally slotted cylinder P.Janardanan and N.S.Madhavan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-022 Download
23 1995 Numerical simulation for the experimental of thermal shock to pressure vessel D.S.Chawla, S.R.Bhate, H.S.Kushwaha and S.C.Mahajan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-023 Download
24 1995 Heat and fluid flow in asymmetrically roughened rectangular ducts in transitionally rough flow D.Gupta, S.C.Solanki and J.S.Saini CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-024 Download
25 1995 Heat transfer and flow structure in a turbulent channel flow with embedded longitudinal vertices G.Biswas and P.Deb CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-025 Download
26 1995 Flow and heat transfer in a nozzle with secondary gas injection R.Dhinagaran and T.K.Bose CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-026 Download
27 1995 Mixed convection in the entrance region of a horizontal annulus ­ an Experimental study Nazrul Islam, U.N.Gaitonde and G.K.Sharma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-027 Download
28 1995 Laminar forced convection heat transfer to water flowing through a tube at near critical conditions S.U.Shenoy, G.K.Sharma and B.S.Jagadish CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-028 Download
29 1995 Hot gas side and constant side heat transfer in liquid propellant rockers K.Ramamurthi and K.Aisha Beevi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-029 Download
30 1995 A transient technique for the measurement of local heat transfer characteristics for film cooling applications S.Vijayasree, A.P.Baburaj and R.P.Vedula CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-030 Download
31 1995 Numerical study of film cooling: A Three dimensional calculation S.Sarkar and T.K.Bose CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-031 Download
32 1995 Natural convection in enclosures P.Nithiarasu, K.N.Seetharamu and T.Sundararajan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-032 Download
33 1995 Natural convection heat transfer from horizontal rectangular fin arrays with a rectangular notch at the centre N.K.Sane, M.B.Kittur and J.D.Magdum CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-033 Download
34 1995 Prediction of natural convection in a differentially heated square cavity at high rayleigh numbers K.Ravi and K.Ramamurthi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-034 Download
35 1995 Combined surface tension and buoyancy induced natural convection in a rectangular enclosure K.Subbaraya CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-035 Download
36 1995 Natural convection and wall radiation in tall cavities C.Balaji and S.P.Venkatesan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-036 Download
37 1995 Experimental investigation of natural convection heat transfer in an enclosure with protruding heat sources R.K.Bramha and R.Biswas CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-037 Download
38 1995 Experimental investigation of natural convection heat transfer over an array of staggered discrete vertical plates S.K.Malik and V.M.K.Sastri CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-038 Download
39 1995 Single domain analysis of natural convection during melting and solidification of pure metals M.A. Rady and A.K.Mohanty CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-039 Download
40 1995 Chaos in Rayleigh Benard convection M.Faisai Baig and W.Asrar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-040 Download
41 1995 Effect of thermal stratification on free convection boundary layer S.G.Cherkasov CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-041 Download
42 1995 Natural convection heat transfer from a vertical circular tube sheet S.P.Dharne and U.N.Gaitonde CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-042 Download
43 1995 Dryouts in horizontal annuli S.Ravindran CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-043 Download
44 1995 Boiling heat transfer in independently heated two ­tube bundles A.Gupta and B.K.Singh CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-044 Download
45 1995 Average heat transfer coefficients for vertical thermosiphon reboiler M.Kamil and S.S.Alam CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-045 Download
46 1995 Heat transfer in nucleate pool boiling at high heat flux A.K.Rajvanshi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-046 Download
47 1995 The sudden release and vaporization of superheated liquids J.Schmidli and G.Yadigaroglu CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-047 Download
48 1995 Parametric effects in some organic vapor condensers with teflon coatings R.Chandrasekharan and T.Venkatram CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-048 Download
49 1995 Combined effect of capillary buoyancy and gravity forces on heat transfer to condensation of vapours on vertical tubes in wavy films V.G.Kubair CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-049 Download
50 1995 Boiling incipience in a vertical tube thermosiphon reboiler Hamid Ali and S.S.Alam CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-050 Download
51 1995 Enhancement of heat transfer in pool boiling using interference sleeves S.Madhu Sudana Rao and A.R.Balakrishnan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-051 Download
52 1995 Enhancement of nucleate pool boiling heat transfer coefficient : an experimental investigation Sattar Husain, B.S.Varshney, S.C.Gupta and B.Mohanty CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-052 Download
53 1995 Post dryout heat transfer in a 90 bend S.Jayanti, I.Barret and G.F.Hewitt CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-053 Download
54 1995 Mitigation of temperature overshoot in liquid cooled multichip modules S.E.Balch and S.H.Bhavnani CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-054 Download
55 1995 Heat transfer to boiling glycerol­water solutions in a vertical tube S.S.Alam, M.Kamil, Nilaluddin CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-055 Download
56 1995 Transport phenomena of czochralski crystal growth at low and high pressures H.Zhang and V.Prasad CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-056 Download
57 1995 Prediction of two phase pressure drop K.Anand Kumar, K.V.Prashanth, T.Sundararajan and K.N.Seetharamu CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-057 Download
58 1995 Condensation of binary stratificated steam­gas mixtures in a vertical annular channel M.V.Khalme, Y.B.Smirnov and S.G.Avdeev CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-058 Download
59 1995 Heat transfer in particle environments Yu.V.Polezhaiv, I.V.Repin and D.S.Mikhatulin CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-059 Download
60 1995 Natural convection in an inclined square enclosure partly filled with a porous medium and with a uniform eat flux at one wall P.H.Oosthuizen and J.T.Paul CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-060 Download
61 1995 Hydrodynamic and wall­bed heat transfer studies on swirling fluidized bed S.Binod and Vijay R.Raghavan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-061 Download
62 1995 The effects of inertia and density on chaotic mixing of finite sized particles A.C.Omurtag, P.Dutta and R.Chevray CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-062 Download
63 1995 Thermo­elasto­plastic model for cryogenic treated cutting tool R.C.Mehta, P.P.Sinha, S.Asokan and D.Mohanlal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-063 Download
64 1995 Numerical model of laminar flow convective hat transfer in a three dimensional channel with baffles J.R.Lopez, N.K.Anand and L.S.Fletcher CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-064 Download
65 1995 Laminar fully developed forced convection cooling of shrouded arrays of heated rectangular protrusions S.Ray CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-065 Download
66 1995 The effect of blowing on the forced convection heat transfer characteristics for a single sphere Jaideep Moorthy, K.N.Seetharamu and R.Natarajan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-066 Download
67 1995 Heat transfer in jointed rock mass­ A FEM study K.Sreenivas Rao, Y.V.Rao and M.Govinda Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-067 Download
68 1995 Computational analysis for rewetting phenomenon using moving mesh technique A.K.Saxena, V.Venkat Raj and V.Govardhana Rao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-068 Download
69 1995 Finite element solution of forced convection in lid driven oblique cavities G.Padmanabham, V.Raghavan, K.Velusamy and G.Vaidyanathan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-069 Download
70 1995 Heat, moisture transport and induced stresses within intensely heated porous materials P.Majumdar, A.Gupta and A.Marchertas CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-070 Download
71 1995 Numerical simulation of double diffusive convection K.R.Sreenivas, P.K.Dey, J.H.Arakeri and J.Srinivasan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-071 Download
72 1995 Optimal design of heat and mass transfer equipment in the NH2 ­ H2O absorption system M.S.Siddiqui CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-072 Download
73 1995 Coupled water and heat transport in soil­plant atmosphere system Zhang Zhe and Yang Shiming CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-073 Download
74 1995 Theoretical investigation of droplet combustion in convective flow P.Balakrishnan, R.Sudarsan, T.Sundararajan and R.Natarajan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-074 Download
75 1995 Modelling of heat ­ mass transfer with convective drying of dispersed materials S.P.Rudobashta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-075 Download
76 1995 Two dimensional simulation of water spray and air interaction in parallel flow configuration S.S.Kachhwaha, P.L.Dhar and S.R.Kale CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-076 Download
77 1995 Spreading characteristics of 3­dimensional surface buoyant Jets P.R.Thiagarajan, R.Rudramoorthy and T.S.Ravikumar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-077 Download
78 1995 Jet cooling system of gas turbine B.M.Galitseiskey, A.A.Nozdreen and M.V.Sointsev CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-078 Download
79 1995 Numerical study of flow and heat transfer for normal and angled laminar jet impingement Jain Hong Zhang and V.Modi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-079 Download
80 1995 Influence of swirl on heat transfer of impinging axial and radio jets B.L.Owsenek, T.Cziesia, U.Schophaus, G.Biswas and N.K.Mitra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-080 Download
81 1995 Heat transfer from a liquid bath due to an impinging gas jets F.Oian, B.Farouk, N.Macken and R.Mutharasan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-081 Download
82 1995 Buoyancy effects on flow and heat transfer in an axially rotating annular channel with longitudinal partitions A.E.Khodak, A.I.Kirillov, V.V.Ris and E.M.Smirnov CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-082 Download
83 1995 Local heat transfer in far upstream and downstream region of a rotating system channel with a sharp 180 degree S.V. Prabhu, P.K.Baburajan and R.P.Vedula CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-083 Download
84 1995 Effect of blade rotation on film cooling of turbine blades V.K.Garg CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-084 Download
85 1995 Non­invasive thermography of convection in a rotating system D.K.Mukherjee, V.Prasad and H.Zhang CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-085 Download
86 1995 A gas liquid ADU reactors in stirred tank and the effect of a presence of immiscible insert gas on the product solid S.B.Roy, S.B.Satpati, A.M.Meghal, T.K.Mukherjee and A.R.Biswas CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-086 Download
87 1995 Dynamic model for transport of hydrogen in sodium circuits of Fast reactor P.Selvaraj, A.Rajakumar, G.Vaidyanathan and S.C.Chetal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-087 Download
88 1995 Natural convection test in secondary sodium circuits of FBTR U.Parthasarathy, N.Kasinathan, G.Vaidyanathan and S.C.Chetal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-088 Download
89 1995 Multidimensional thermal hydraulic analysis of sodium heated steam generators K.Velusamy, A.Rajakumar, G.Vaidyanathan and S.C.Chetal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-089 Download
90 1995 Steady state thermal hydraulic analysis of cold pool of PFBR M.Asok Kumar, G.Vaidyanathan and S.C.Chetal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-090 Download
91 1995 A simplified model for nuclear steam generator B.John and K.Iyer CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-091 Download
92 1995 Analysis of a single primary coolant pump trip scenario in a PHWR B.John and K.Iyer CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-092 Download
93 1995 Analysis of core disruptive accident in liquid metal – cooled fast breeder reactors using method of characteristics J.K.George and J.B.Doshi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-093 Download
94 1995 Thermal design of air cooled vault for interim storage of vitrified high level waste V.Verma, A.K.Ghosh, V.Venkat Raj, G.Rajani, P.D.Ozarde, P.M.Gandhi and S.D.Misra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-094 Download
95 1995 Studies on natural circulation in reactor loops under progressively depleted inventory conditions – post test analysis of ISP -33 B.Chatterjee, H.G.Lele, S.K.Gupta and V.Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-095 Download
96 1995 Studies on catalytic recombination of hydrogen in Indian PHWR containments S.K.Haware, S.Bhartiya, A.K.Ghosh and V.Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-096 Download
97 1995 Analytical studies on the behavior of nuclear reactor containment S.K.Haware, S.Bhartiya, A.K.Ghosh and V.Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-097 Download
98 1995 Thermal analysis of feeder pipe coupling of 500 MWe PHWR due to various operating transients D.S.Chawla, H.S.Kushwaha and S.C.Mahajan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-098 Download
99 1995 Modelling and analysis of the transient response of the steam generator of a 500 MWe PHWR power plant A. Gaikwad, Anu Bhadra, S.K. Chaki, G.Chakraborty and V.Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-099 Download
100 1995 Clad surface temperature of a nuclear fuel-in-pile measurements and comparison with predictions A.Pappu, S.P.Limaye, D.B.Singh, V.B.Wasekar and R.B.Grover CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-100 Download
101 1995 Investigations on flow assisted ram extension for refueling of a nuclear reactor J.Eapen, P.K.Vijayan, D.Saha and V.Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-101 Download
102 1995 Heat transfer enhancement at the flow gas and liquids in the channels G.A.Dreitser CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-102 Download
103 1995 The performance evaluation of crossflow tube-fin compact heat exchanger considering the combined efforts of inlet flow non-uniformity and temperature non-uniformity using a finite element method Ch.Ranganayakulu, K.N.Seetharamu and K.V.Sreenivasan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-103 Download
104 1995 Influence of property variations on the design of cryogenic heat exchangers G.Venkatarathnam, K.Aparna and S.Srinivasa Murthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-104 Download
105 1995 Pressure distribution in inlet and exit manifolds of plate heat exchangers R.Gupta and Keshav Kant CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-105 Download
106 1995 Transient response of heat exchangers D.J.Bunce and S.G.Kandlikar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-106 Download
107 1995 Experimental investigation of heat transfer enhancement in a PHE with B=60O chevron plates Arun Muley and R.M.Manglik CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-107 Download
108 1995 New developments and studies of heat utilization systems and high-effective compact heat exchangers Yu F.Gortyshov, I.A.Popov, V.M.Gureev, K.E.Gulitsky and R.D.Amirkhanov CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-108 Download
109 1995 Modern developments in heat transfer and hydrodynamics at heat exchangers with helical tubes B.V.Dzyubenko CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-109 Download
110 1995 Shell side heat transfer and pressure drop for turbulent flow in shell and tube heat exchangers without baffles V.Gnielinski, W.K.Kim and H.Martin CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-110 Download
111 1995 The effect of buoyancy on fluid flow and heat transfer past in-line bundle of cylinders Y.T. Krishne Gowda, P.A.Aswathanarayana and K.N.Seetharamu CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-111 Download
112 1995 Performance evaluation of steam surface condenser by finite element method A.Roy Chaudhuri, K.N.Seetharamu and T.Sundararajan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-112 Download
113 1995 Energy balance and convective heat transfer coefficient in a twin-screw extruder for food materials S.Godavarti and M.V.Karwe CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-113 Download
114 1995 Practical aspects in the thermal transport during optical fiber drawing S.Roy Choudhury and Y.Jaluria CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-114 Download
115 1995 Conjugate heat transfer in polymer melt flow through extrusion dies P.Lin and Y.Jaluria CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-115 Download
116 1995 An experimental and theoretical investigation into burning characteristics of PPS-Glass fiber composites A.Atreya, S.Agrawal and K.Mekki CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-116 Download
117 1995 Mixed convection in the interdendritic space of a solidifying melt A.Mukhopdhyay and B.Basu CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-117 Download
118 1995 Assessment of temperature distributions during welding on a steel plate embedded in a thick concrete wall using a three-dimensional transient heat transfer model D.Datta, S.K.Kar and S.A.Bhardwaj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-118 Download
119 1995 Three-dimensional transient temperature estimations in the wire electrode of electro-discharge machining process B.V.S.S.S.Prasad, P.K.Mishra and S.Banerjee CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-119 Download
120 1995 The influence of imperfections on the creep behavior of woven polymer composites at elevated temperatures S.Govindarajan, N.A.Langrana and G.J.Weng CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-120 Download
121 1995 Two dimensional two-step heating analysis for short pulse laser-metal interactions K.Mitra, S.Kumar and A.Vedavarz CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-121 Download
122 1995 Cold gas dynamic method for synthesis of the new composite materials and multifunctional coatings with the predicted thermo physical characteristics P.V.Nikitini, N.A.Andreeve and V.V.Paiko CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-122 Download
123 1995 Measurement of convective heat transfer coefficient on naturally rough mine roadway surfaces K. Sreenivas Rao, B.S. Sastry and B.Misra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-123 Download
124 1995 Numerical simulation of an electrically conducting glass pool inside the joule heated ceramic meter G.Sugilal, P.Wattal, T.K.Theyyunni and K.Iyer CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-124 Download
125 1995 The 2-D collapsed dimension method in grey rectangular enclosures with absorbing emitting isotropic scattering media D.A.Blank and S.C.Mishra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-125 Download
126 1995 Heat and mass transfer in metal hydride accumulator for trucks A.Sheipek CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-126 Download
127 1995 Effect of collector-inclination in heat transfer in the absorber tubes of solar water heater M.A. Siddiqui and Mumtaz Ahmad CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-127 Download
128 1995 Thermal analysis of spacecraft electronic packages K.Badari Narayana CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-128 Download
129 1995 Study and solution for unbalance in heat absorption in pendant radiation surface in a coal fired boiler R.Balakrishnan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-129 Download
130 1995 Studies on performance characteristics of a constricted tubular ultra filtration unit C.M.Narayanan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-130 Download
131 1995 Influence of delaminations on the thermal behavior of solid rocket motor liners – A study through tests on subscale motors P.A.Krishnamoorthy, P.O.Balachandran and L.Aravindakshan Pillai CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-131 Download
132 1995 Development of thermal protective systems for 22-newton reaction control thrusters for INSAT 2A and 2B spacecraft S.V.Bindagi and K.V.Shantharam CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-132 Download
133 1995 Natural convection from an array of electronic packages mounted on a horizontal board in a narrow aspect ratio enclosure V.H.Adams, Y.Joshi and D.L.Blackburn CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-133 Download
134 1995 Heat and mass transfer peculiarities and heat-physical parameters profiles in plasma vortex devices V.N.Kharchenko and V.N.Zverev CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-134 Download
135 1995 Thermophysical property measurement of magnesium lithium and aluminum lithium alloys D.T.Srinivasa, V.Ramakrishnan, A.Ramaswamy and P.P.Gupta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-135 Download
136 1995 The influence of a finite number of baffles on the shell and tube heat exchanger performance R.K.Shah and A.Pignotti CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-136 Download
137 1995 Application of pinch technology in paper and pulp industry P.Harikumar and M.O.Garg CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-137 Download
138 1995 Energy conservation efforts at Mathura refinery S.S.Saini, J.B.Verma and G.Datta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-138 Download