Past proceedings

S.No Year Title Author Category Code Download
1 1994 Turbulent prandtl number – where are we? William M.Kays INVITED PAPERS HMT-94-001 Download
2 1994 Recent developments in the theory and practice of mass transfer V.G.Pangarkar and M.M.Sharma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-002 Download
3 1994 CO2-Laser processing of silicon-compound ceramics M.F.Modest CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-003 Download
4 1994 Solar energy – The natural solution for energy and environmental problems D.Yogi Goswami CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-004 Download
5 1994 Heat transfer to immersed tubes in fluidized beds James R. Welty CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-005 Download
6 1994 Buoyant turbulent plumes revisited Z. Dai, L.K.Tseng and G.M.Faeth CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-006 Download
7 1994 A discussion of the use of electro rheological fluids in the control of heat transfer processes J.R. Lloyd and C.Zhang CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-007 Download
8 1994 Fluid mixing by chaotic advection Rene Chevray and Pradip Dutta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-008 Download
9 1994 Heat clearance properties of a radiatively heated biological tissue S.G.Klemick, M.A.Jog, L.J.Huang and P.S.Ayyaswamy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-009 Download
10 1994 A calculation procedure for prediction of heat, mass and momentum transfer in elliptic flows using non-staggered girds A.W.Date CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-010 Download
11 1994 Fundamental combustion and gasification aspects of biomass and biomass derived gaseous fuels H.S.Mukunda and P.J.Paul CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-011 Download
12 1994 Experimental studies related to thermosyphon cooling of nuclear reactors – A review V.Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-012 Download
13 1994 Simultaneous heat and mass transfer operations with chemical reaction in heavy water plants H.K.Sadhukhan and R.R.Sonde CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-013 Download
14 1994 Numerical solution of transient heat conduction problems in multiply connected regions P.Janardanan and N.S.Madhavan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-014 Download
15 1994 Numerical simulation of soaking pit M.D.Atrey, B.Basu, P.K.Mishra, J.K.Saha, A.Roy and Amit Chatterjee CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-015 Download
16 1994 Prediction of temperature distribution in composite laminates using 3-dimensional finite element analysis A Rama Krishna and B.V.S.S.S. Prasad and K.M.Rao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-016 Download
17 1994 Total hemispherical emittance of spacecraft thermal control tapes A. Ramasamy N.K.Sundaresan Padmanabhan P.P.Gupta and H.Narayanamurthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-017 Download
18 1994 Analysis of temperature distribution in a cylindrical structure with a flat roof subjected to solar radiation A.K.Ghosh, S.G.Markandeya and V.Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-018 Download
19 1994 The effect of two dimensionally in radiating conducting wedges K.Sridhar, C.Balaji and S.P. Venkateshan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-019 Download
20 1994 Significance of non-fourier conduction in bio-heat transfer Kunal Mitra and Sunil Kumar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-020 Download
21 1994 Control of thermal contact conductance – some practical considerations C.V.Madhusudana CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-021 Download
22 1994 Visualization of flow in spirally fluted tubes Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan, James Arnold and Richard N.Christensen CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-022 Download
23 1994 Forced-convection heat transfer in a venture-type annular flow R.Ponnappan and J.E.Leland CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-023 Download
24 1994 Computational heat transfer analysis for oscillatory channel flows Mounir Ibrahim and Mohan Kannapareddy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-024 Download
25 1994 Numerical analysis of mixed convection in a rectangular duct and its effect on CVD deposition of SI films U.Narusawa CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-025 Download
26 1994 Effect of Buoyancy on the cooling of a cylinder moving in a channel flow for thermal processing Subhasish Roy Choudhury and Yogesh Jaluria CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-026 Download
27 1994 Heat transfer with pulsatile flow in a circular tube B.Prasad, G.C.Barai and S.S.Alam CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-027 Download
28 1994 Forced convection heat transfer and pressure drop for air flow through an enhanced tube Shashi Kant Khanna and Keshav Kant CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-028 Download
29 1994 Convective heat transfer measurements in simulated underground mine roadways B.S.Sastry, B.Misra, Kollu S.Rao and B.V.S.S. Prasad CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-029 Download
30 1994 Estimation of heat transfer around transonic gas turbine blades V. Krishnamoorthy and B.R. Pai CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-030 Download
31 1994 Influence of twisted tape generated swirl on single-phase heat transfer Raj M.Manglik and Arthur E.Bergles CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-031 Download
32 1994 Experimental study of fully developed laminar and turbulent transient thermal entrance heat transfer in circular ducts Dean M.Brown, Weigong Li and Sadik Kakac CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-032 Download
33 1994 Numerical and experimental analysis of the flow and the heat transfer of a high temperature liquid jet in an immiscible fluid M.Chacha, R.Occelli and L.Tadrist CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-033 Download
34 1994 Air jet impingement heat transfer at low nozzle-plate spacings D.Lytle and B.W.Webb CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-034 Download
35 1994 The effects of heat release on temperature dissipation statistics in a turbulent jet flow R.W.Dawson and M.Queiroz CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-035 Download
36 1994 Natural convection heat transfer characteristics of a protruding heat source mounted on inclined surfaces H.K.Thakuria and R.K.Brahma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-036 Download
37 1994 Effect of the ration of the depths of fluid and porous layers on free convective flow in a tall rectangular cavity A.K.Singh G.A. Moore and G.R.Thorpe CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-037 Download
38 1994 Experimental investigation of natural convection in partially divided cavities S.C.Bhaduru R.A.Papar and U.N.Gaitonde CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-038 Download
39 1994 Effect of heater and cooler orientation on the stability of single-phase natural circulation in rectangular loops A.K.Nayak, P.K. Vijayan, D.Saha and V. Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-039 Download
40 1994 Dynamics of heat transfer in a closed loop thermosiphon system S.S.Alam and Anil Kumar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-040 Download
41 1994 Heat transfer and fluid flow in open loop thermosiphon with an inclined tube N.Akhtar, S.S. Alam, M.A.Siddiqui and H.Ali CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-041 Download
42 1994 Limiting cases of conjugate laminar natural convection in a differentially heated square cavity Achintya Mukhopadhyay and Sabhashis Ray CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-042 Download
43 1994 Modelling of buoyancy induced flow and heat transfer in a biomass stove Sangeetha Kohli, J.Srinivasan and H.S. Mukunda CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-043 Download
44 1994 Prediction of natural convection in a square enclosure J.A.Naser, A.Chowdhury and A.K.M.Sadrul Islam CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-044 Download
45 1994 An experimental investigation of natural convection heat transfer from a hot corrugated plate to a cold flat plate M.A.R.Akhanda and H.Kabir CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-045 Download
46 1994 Natural convection heat transfer from horizontal rectangular fin arrays with a cross fin at the centre N.K.Sane, A.N. Tikekar and B.S.Gawali CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-046 Download
47 1994 Pattern selection for Rayleigh-benard convection in intermediate aspect ratio boxes D.Mukutmoni and K.T.Yang CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-047 Download
48 1994 Natural convection of a radiating fluid in a square enclosure with perfectly conducting and walls A.Yucel, S.Acharya and M.L.Williams CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-048 Download
49 1994 Computations for an array of protrusions cooled by liquid immersion: boundary condition and component orientation effects D.Mukutmoni, Y.K.Joshi and M.D.Kelleher CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-049 Download
50 1994 Influence of viscosity variation on free convective heat transfer in vertical porous annuli V.V.Satyamurthy and Dhanunjaya R.Marpu CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-050 Download
51 1994 Three-dimensional buoyancy-induced flow in porous media around a discrete heat source: the nuclear waste repository problem G.Rajen CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-051 Download
52 1994 Nucleate pool boiling of liquids – an experimental study Ashraf Jamal and S.S.Alam CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-052 Download
53 1994 Horizontal tube falling film nucleate boiling at subatmospheric pressures for sodium chloride solutions P.K.Tewari and R.K.Verma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-053 Download
54 1994 Boiling heat transfer of isopropanol water mixtures on plain and integral fin tubes Abdul-Ameer S.Kadhum , B.S. Varshney and B.Mohanty CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-054 Download
55 1994 Boiling heat transfer from a two-tube bundle to saturated liquids K.Govinda Rajulu, H.K.Varma, Abdul-Ameer S.Kadhum, B.S. Varshney and B.Mohanty CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-055 Download
56 1994 Cross flow boiling heat transfer in small tube bundles Akhilesh Gupta, J.S.Saini and H.K.Varma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-056 Download
57 1994 Hydrodynamics and heat transfer studies for improving performance of vaporiesers for radioactive waste effluents D.P.Pande and T.K.Theyyunni CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-057 Download
58 1994 Pool boiling from enhanced evaporation heat transfer surfaces M.Groll and R.Mertz CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-058 Download
59 1994 A flow boiling model based on suppression of convective heat transfer Vishwas V.Wadekar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-059 Download
60 1994 Mathematical modeling of heat transfer with boiling Vladimir Prisniakov CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-060 Download
61 1994 Upflow CHF for low flow of water in a round tube under low pressure conditions S.W.Ruan, G.Bartsch and S.M.Yang CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-061 Download
62 1994 Measurement of departure bubble diameter and advancing and receding contact angles in subcooled flow boiling of water Satish G.Kandlikar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-062 Download
63 1994 Filmwise condensation mechanisms due to stratified flow along a horizontal plane tube N.Altuntop, Bekir S.Yilbas, Abmet Z.Sahin and A.T.Gokce CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-063 Download
64 1994 An experimental study on the condensing heat transfer characteristics of R-123 L.K.Sreepati, S.L. Bapat and S.P. Sukhatme CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-064 Download
65 1994 Boundary layer analysis of wavy films during condensation of vapours of organic liquids and their azeotrophic mixtures on vertical tubes V.G. Kubair CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-065 Download
66 1994 Condensation heat transfer modeling S.Belsito, D.Bestion and F.D.Auria CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-066 Download
67 1994 Condensation downward flowing vapour on a single horizontal cylinder or a bank of tubes with and without inundation M.Asbik, A.Daif and P.K.Panday CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-067 Download
68 1994 Circulation rates of binary liquid mixtures in a reboiler tube Mohd Kamil, S.S.Alam and Hamid Ali CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-068 Download
69 1994 Measurement of void-fabrication of annular gas liquid system using conductance probe D. Gupta, P.K.Das and S.Sen CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-069 Download
70 1994 Rewetting of hot vertical tubes-effect of tube diameter Prasanta Das CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-070 Download
71 1994 Assessment of the cathare 1D pump model G.Geffraye and D.Beston CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-071 Download
72 1994 Two-phase turbulent flow in a pipe with a tee junction V.Sharma and B.Farouk CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-072 Download
73 1994 Two-phase density-wave oscillations and nuclear-coupled two-phase thermal hydraulic instabilities: a review Rizwan – uddin CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-073 Download
74 1994 Low superheat spray droplet evaporation from a heated solid surface Bing Zhang and Satwindar Singh Sadhal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-074 Download
75 1994 Surface nonisothermness effect on profiled surface condensation enhancement V.G.Rifert and Ya.Ya.Trokoz CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-075 Download
76 1994 Numerical prediction of heat transfer in a flow around built-in circular obstacle and vortex generators in a channel G.Biswas, N.K.Mitra and M.Fiebig CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-076 Download
77 1994 Numerical prediction of turbulent natural convection in a square cavity using eulerian fractional step method B.V. Krishna Satya Sai, K.N.Seetharamu and P.A.Aswathanarayana CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-077 Download
78 1994 Numerical solution for two dimensional surface buoyant jets S.Subramanyan and R.Rudramoorthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-078 Download
79 1994 Fem in process design and analysis of heat exchangers in decay heat removal circuit of PFBR S.Athmalingam, S.C.Chetal and K.N.Seetharamu CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-079 Download
80 1994 Hermitian interpolation based time integration methods for DRBEM in transient diffusion K.M.Singh and M.S.Kalra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-080 Download
81 1994 Flow and heat transfer for an impinging plasma jet T.K.Bose CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-081 Download
82 1994 Effect of fluid rheology on heat transfer in cavities K.A.Pericleous CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-082 Download
83 1994 Heat transfer in a nozzle with secondary injection R.Dhinagaran and T.K.Bose CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-083 Download
84 1994 Numerical predictions for laminar flow mixed convection heat transfer to carbon dioxide fluid flowing through a tube at near critical conditions S.Upendra Shenoy and K.V.Prashanth CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-084 Download
85 1994 Numerical study of heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics in a porous medium behind a backward-facing step A.K.M.Sadrul Islam, A.Chowdhury and J.A.Naser CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-085 Download
86 1994 A numerical study of turbulent plumes generated from a line heat source Anupam Dewan, J.Srinivasan and Jaywnt H.Arakeri CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-086 Download
87 1994 Numerical modeling of convective heat transfer in surface melting by pulsed lasers K.Ravindran, J.Srinivasan and A.G.Marathe CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-087 Download
88 1994 Numerical analysis of transients in heat pipe R.C.Mehta, T.Jayanchandran and M.J.Pandya CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-088 Download
89 1994 Finite element analysis of a flat plate solar collector Rama Subba Reddy Gorla CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-089 Download
90 1994 Finite element simulation of combined buoyancy and thermocapillary driven convection in open cavities Bala Ramaswamy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-090 Download
91 1994 Employment of differential stress model for investigation of turbulent heat transfer in streamwise periodic corrugated ducts Bijan Farhenieh CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-091 Download
92 1994 Hall effects on the oscillatory MHD free convection flow through a porous medium H.S.Takhar, P.C. Ram, J.K.Bitok and N.Yadav CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-092 Download
93 1994 Simulation of heat and mass transfer in the extrusion of food materials in a single-screw extruder Raman V.Chiruvella, A.H.Abib, Y.Jaluria and M.V.Karwe CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-093 Download
94 1994 Temperature dependence of water vapour permeability of glass fiber insulation from heat flow meter measurements M.K.Kumaran CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-094 Download
95 1994 Effect of packing roughness on the performance of a packed bet wet cooling tower Hisham El-Dessouky CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-095 Download
96 1994 A mass transfer measurement technique; its calibration and application T.Pekdemir, T.W.Davies and P.Flohr CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-096 Download
97 1994 Individual and overall heat transfer coefficients in packed bed direct contact heat exchangers M.Sadasivam and A.R.Balakrishnan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-097 Download
98 1994 A model for predicting change in dry-bulb temperature and mixing ration in wet underground mine roadways G.B.Misra, N.Mukherjee and S.Chakraborty CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-098 Download
99 1994 Study of drop size distribution and mass transfer from a hollow cone water spray S.S.Kachhwaha, S.R.Kale and P.l.Dhar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-099 Download
100 1994 Mass transfer from a moving spherical drop: surface ageing and surface renewal models D.K.Vohra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-100 Download
101 1994 Mass dispersion characteristics of packed beds E.A.Foumeny, L.Bailey, M.A.Chowdhury and A.Kulkarni CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-101 Download
102 1994 An analytical solution for adsorption and desorption problems in porous media K.Muralidhar and Jyoti Swarup CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-102 Download
103 1994 Convective heat and mass transfer along an inclined heated plate with film evaporation Wei-Mon-yan and Chyi-Yeou Soong CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-103 Download
104 1994 Analysis of heat and mass transfer in rectangular metal hydride beds M.Ram Gopal and S.Srinivasa Murthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-104 Download
105 1994 Prediction of effective bed thermal conductivity and wall to bed heat transfer coefficient in a packed bed under no flow conditions B.V.Babu and V.Govardhana Rao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-105 Download
106 1994 A theoretical analysis on heat and mass exchange in a jetting fluidized bed gasifier P.K.Chatterjee, A.B.Dutta and K.M.Kundu CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-106 Download
107 1994 Investigation of entry region turbulent flows of nongray gases R.Krishnamurthy, S.N.Tiwari and J.Liu CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-107 Download
108 1994 A study of global properties of radiant tube flames L.G.Blevins, Y.R.Sivathanu, M.A.Shahien and J.P.Gore CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-108 Download
109 1994 Coupled radiation and soot kinetics calculations in laminar acetylene / air diffusion flames Y.R.Sivathanu and J.P.Gore CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-109 Download
110 1994 Upward flame spread on a vertical wall with external radiation Ellen G.Brehob and Anil K.Kuliarni CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-110 Download
111 1994 Extinction of a moving diffusion flame in a quiescent microgravity atmosphere due to CO2/H2O/soot radiative heat losses Arvind atreya and Sanjay Agrawal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-111 Download
112 1994 Computational studies of hydrogen/air flames near rich flammability limits K.N.Lakshmisha, P.J.Paul and H.S.Mukunda CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-112 Download
113 1994 Mathematical field modeling of transient ceiling jet characteristics in fires S.Kumar and M.Yehia CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-113 Download
114 1994 Transient wind-aided flame spread: the burning zone problem Sanjay Agrawal and Arvind Atreya CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-114 Download
115 1994 The structure of inhibited counter flowing nonpremixed flames Ming Hua Yang and Ishwar K.Puri CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-115 Download
116 1994 Hydrogen distribution studies in a multi-compartment containment using computer code contran S.K.Haware, S.Ganju, S.G.Markandeya, A.K.Ghosh and V.Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-116 Download
117 1994 A model for prediction flow regimes in a horizontal channel with rod cluster H.G.Lele, Satish K.Gupta and V.Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-117 Download
118 1994 Assessment of a multi compartment containment analysis computer code contran with the experiments on containment response during loca conditions S.K.Haware, S.G.Markandeya, A.K.Ghosh and V.Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-118 Download
119 1994 Thermal hydraulic design of condenser for a natural circulation system Ranjit Manna, J.S.Jayakumar and R.B.Grover CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-119 Download
120 1994 Investigation of loss of flow and transient over power for safety thresholds in an LMFBR N.Kasinathan, G.Vaidyanathan and S.B.Bhoje CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-120 Download
121 1994 Thermal hydraulic design of main vessel cooling circuit for PFBR K.Veluswamy, A.Rajakumar, G.Vaidyanathan and S.C.Chetal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-121 Download
122 1994 Natural convection in narrow vertical annuli of PFBR K.Veluswamy, S.Raghupathy, G.Vaidyanathan and S.B.Bhoje CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-122 Download
123 1994 Thermal hydraulic design of secondary sodium flow distribution device A.Rajakumar, G.Vaidyanathan, R.Srinivasan and S.C.Chetal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-123 Download
124 1994 The effect of heat transfer parameter on response of FBTR to overcooling events G.Titus G.Vaidyanathan and S.B.Bhoje CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-124 Download
125 1994 Thermal hydraulic sizing and analysis of PHT main circuit of 500 MWe Indian PHWR A.K.Sharma, C.N.Bapat, S.Goswami and V.K.Sharma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-125 Download
126 1994 Temperature distribution in PFBR blanket subassembly S. Cement Ravi Chandar, D.Ghosh, S.Govindarajan and A. Selvaraj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-126 Download
127 1994 Influence of unfailed structures on HCDA in fast reactors Subhash Chandra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-127 Download
128 1994 Small break loca analysis of NAPS reactor double ended guillotine rupture of 50mm inlet feeder P.K.Dolas, Deb Mukhopadhyay, S.K.Gupta and V.Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-128 Download
129 1994 Transient behavior of 500 MWe PHWR steam generator in the events of feed water line break and main steak line break G.Sreenivas Rao, P.K.Dolas, Satish K.Gupta and V.Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-129 Download
130 1994 A review of longitudinal wall heat conduction in recuperators R.K.Shah CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-130 Download
131 1994 Multivariable optimized design of compact heat exchangers S.Sundar and V.G. Fox CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-131 Download
132 1994 Influence of longitudinal vortices of fin-tube heat exchangers with round and flat tubes A.Valencia, M.Fiebig and N.K. Mitra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-132 Download
133 1994 Heat exchanger optimization with pressure drop and fouling constraints K.Ramananda Rao, U.Srinivasa and J.Srinivasan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-133 Download
134 1994 New variants of moderator heat exchangers for Indian 220 MWe PHWRS D.R.Iyer and Bhupal Sharma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-134 Download
135 1994 Special heat exchanger designs – some case studies R.Mukherjee CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-135 Download
136 1994 Experiments and porous models of convection in rod bundle geometries S.C.Haldar, A.K.Mohanty and S.Sengupta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-136 Download
137 1994 Parametric studies towards optimization of tube-fin heat exchangers Goutam Chakraborty, K.Ramananda Rao, U.Srinivasa and J.Srinivasan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-137 Download
138 1994 Performance testing and simulation of condensers for automobile air conditioning with R134a as working fluid E.Henon, T.Bouyer and P.K.Panday CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-138 Download
139 1994 Co-combustion and fluidized –bed incineration of wood pellets S.C.Saxena and L.A.Thomas CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-139 Download
140 1994 Development and validation of a nodal simulation program applied to predict the transient engine thermal performances H.Zitouni, A.Alexandre, Z.soultanaly and D.Gentile CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-140 Download
141 1994 Group ignition and combustion of a cylindrical cloud of coal particles Xiangyang Du, C.P.Gopalakrishnan and Kalyan Annamalai CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-141 Download
142 1994 Constant delivery temperature solar water heater-dispensing varying mass flow rate pump and utilizing waste heat for distillation Sanjay Kumar and S.Sinha CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-142 Download
143 1994 Heat transfer in the rotor field lead annulus of the super conducting generator V.A.V.L.P. Mani Kumari, A.Mani, V.M.K. Sastri and B.Gunabhushanam CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-143 Download
144 1994 Investigation of heat transfer characteristics in a 12 MW circulating fluidized bed boiler M.R.Golriz CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-144 Download
145 1994 Transient performance prediction of a shell and tube thermal energy store J.Hofmann and G.D.J.Smith CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-145 Download
146 1994 Heat transfer and pressure loss in benson steam generator tubes: Research and Application W.Kohler and W.Kastner CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-146 Download
147 1994 Measurement of unsteady flow velocities in I.C.Engines using a hot-wire anemometer S.Subramaniyam, V.Ganesan and P.Srinivasa Rao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-147 Download
148 1994 Axial variation of heat transfer coefficient along the riser wall of a circulating fludized bed P.K.Nag, B.V. Reddy and P.Mahanta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-148 Download
149 1994 Online thermal performance monitoring of feedwater heaters in a thermal power plant B. Ramesh Babu and K.N.Murthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-149 Download
150 1994 An experimental study for heat transfer and fluid flow in a thermosyphonic solar water heater S.S.Ismail and M.Altamush Siddiqui CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-150 Download
151 1994 Mathematical simulation of stratified heat storage – one dimensional model A.Srinivas, J.E.B. Nelson and T.L. Sitharama Rao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-151 Download
152 1994 Effect of internals and swirl on hydrodynamics and heat transfer in a circulating fluidized bed S.Ramanujam CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-152 Download
153 1994 Solid sorption machines for CFC-Free generation of heat and cold : an overview M.Groll CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-153 Download
154 1994 Performance of heat and mass exchangers in a R22-DMETEG vapour absorption refrigeration system M.Fatouh and S.Srinivasa Murthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-154 Download
155 1994 Heat and mass transfer in generator-collector of solid adsorption refrigeration system Ramesh Chandra Arora and M.M. Mukund CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-155 Download
156 1994 Determination of gas tungsten ARC welding efficiencies Pradip Dutta, Yogendra Joshi and C.Franche CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-156 Download
157 1994 Buoyancy-driven flows in low aspect ratio melts for the czochralski crystal growth process A.Anselmo, V.Prasad and J.Koziol CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-157 Download
158 1994 Demonstration of a convection-like influence within the enthalpy formulation of the Stefan problem A.W.Date CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-158 Download
159 1994 Analysis of mould failures due to thermal stresses during in got solidification B.Raghuram, G.B.Kasmalkar B.Basu, M.Shome, J.C.Pandey and Amit Chatterjee CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-159 Download
160 1994 Analysis of free surface deformation due to surface tension driven flow during laser melting of steel Biswajit Basu CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-160 Download
161 1994 Effect of double-diffusive convection on macro segregation during solidification of iron carbon alloy A.K.Singh and Biswajit Basu CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-161 Download
162 1994 Comparative study of phase change methods for solidification of castings H.B.Nai and A.K.Dave CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-162 Download
163 1994 Laser heating mechanism in relation to machining process Bekir S. Yibas, Ahmet Z. Sahin and Ahmet T.Bulgan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-163 Download