Past proceedings

S.No Year Title Author Category Code Download
1 1991 Natural convection from a radiating vertical circular fin of variable cross section P.K. Sarma, T. Subramanyam and M. Gopalakrishna INVITED PAPERS HMT-91-1 Download
2 1991 Natural convection heat transfer from triangular shaped vertical fin arrays N.K. Sane and A. N. Tikekar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-2 Download
3 1991 A simple model for turbulent benard convection between two finite conductivity boundaries S. Ananda Theerthan and J.H. Arakeri CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-3 Download
4 1991 Natural convection from a vertical cylinder embedded in a saturated porous medium R. V. Kamath and A. G. Marathe CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-4 Download
5 1991 Non-boussinesq natural convection in a cylindrical annulus R. Venugopal and K. Iyer CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-5 Download
6 1991 Electrohydrodynamic augmentation of natural convection heat transfer in dielectric liquids for a vertical tube D. K. Dixit CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-6 Download
7 1991 Simulation and parametric study of natural cooling of electronic components T. K. Bhattacharyya CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-7 Download
8 1991 Thermal performance prediction of a passive radiant cooler C. K. Krishna Prakas, D. R. Bhandari and H. Narayana Murthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-8 Download
9 1991 Use of radiating gas in thermal regenerators to increase the heat transfer coefficient S. A. Asif and A. I. Khandwawala CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-9 Download
10 1991 The effect of longitudinal heat conduction on crossflow compact heat exchanger Ch. Ranganayakulu, K. N. Seetharamu and K.V. Sreevatsan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-10 Download
11 1991 Numerical estimation of heat transfer coefficients in outer casings of industrial steam turbines – a finite element approach P. Dhanajaya Rao, A. Sarkar and V. M. K. Sastri CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-11 Download
12 1991 Development and evaluation of thermal analysis techniques for melting and evaporation problems R.K. Singh and H.S. Kushwaha CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-12 Download
13 1991 Investigation of vapour mass frequency in nucleate pool boiling at high heat flux K. Rajvanshi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-13 Download
14 1991 Condensation of steam on horizontal low-fin tubes placed in-line in a vertical plane –an experimental investigation S.K. Singh, B. Mohanty, B.S. Varshney and Rajendra Prakash CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-14 Download
15 1991 Prediction of minimum wall superheat for boiling inciplience in a reboiler tube N. Ahmad, Hamid Ali and S. S. Alam CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-15 Download
16 1991 Nucleate pool boiling heat transfer from a wire screen wrapped horizontal tube at subatmospheric pressures S. Husain, B. Mohanty, S.C. Gupta and B. S. Varshney CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-16 Download
17 1991 Experimental investigations on the rewetting of hot vertical annular channel under bottom flooding conditions A.K. Saxena, V. Venkat Raj and M. Raja Rao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-17 Download
18 1991 Condensation of R-11 vapour on horizontal integral fin tubes with drinage strips L.K. Sreepathy and S.P. Sukhatme CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-18 Download
19 1991 Enhancement of heat transfer in rectangular solar air heater duct having artificial roughness on absorber plates D. Gupta, S.C. Solanki and J.S. Saini CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-19 Download
20 1991 An experimental study of the effect of half length twisted tape inserts on laminar flow heat transfer in tubes M.S. Lokanath and P.P. Chikate CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-20 Download
21 1991 An experimental study of the effect of the fin parameter of the swirl promoter on laminar flow heat transfer in tubes M.S. Lokanath and P.P. Chikate CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-21 Download
22 1991 Augmentation of heat transfer using wing-type vortex generators H. Chattopadhyah and G. Biswas CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-22 Download
23 1991 Augmentation of heat transfer in flow over a bank of tubes by integral wake splitters A.M.A. Ibrahim and Vijay R.Raghavan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-23 Download
24 1991 Enhancement in boiling heat transfer from screen wrapped heating cylinders placed horizontally in a vertical plane H.N. Singh, B.S. Varshney, R. Praksh, and B. Mohanty CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-24 Download
25 1991 Augmentation of boiling heat transfer from a finned horizontal heating tube Anil Kumar, H.K. Varma, S.C. Gupta and B.S. Varshney CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-25 Download
26 1991 Solution of transient heat conduction problems in two dimensional complex regions using coordinate transformation and finite difference algorithm P. Janardanan and N.S. Madhavan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-26 Download
27 1991 Operator-splitting algorithm for adjective-diffusion problems K. Muralidhar, K.M. pillai and P.S. Ghoshdastidar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-27 Download
28 1991 A new efficient finite difference scheme for solving navier-stokes equations in cylindrical geometry R. Venugopal and K. Iyer CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-28 Download
29 1991 Solution of natural convection problems by an explicit finite element projection method K. Ravindran, J. srinivasan and A.G. Marathe CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-29 Download
30 1991 Heat transfer by slot jet impingement on a cylinder R.C. Arora, R.K. Brahma and PK.Md. Omar Faruque CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-30 Download
31 1991 Three dimensional computational thermal analysis of a pin grid array package Vivek Mansingh CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-31 Download
32 1991 Computerized analysis of heat conduction in solids for cyclic loading M. Prasad and S.K. Mazumdar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-32 Download
33 1991 Loss of coolant accident analysis and evolution of emergency core cooling system for an inpile irradiation facility D. Kumar, R. Sharma, C.G. Utge and R.B. Grover CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-33 Download
34 1991 Transient analysis of safety grade decay heat removal system of PFBR N. Kasinathan, G. Vaidyanathan and S.B. Bhoje CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-34 Download
35 1991 Validation of computer code thynac for analysis of loss of coolant accident in pressurized heavy water reactor M. Singhal, P.K. Malhotra and S.S. Bajaj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-35 Download
36 1991 Experimental simulation of local in a PHWR – analytical study of similarity of thermal response between fuel rod simulators and nuclear fuel rods under reflood conditions G.K. Sinha, D. Saha and V. Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-36 Download
37 1991 Experimental investigations on thermosyphon in a 235 MWe PHWR P.K. vijayan, V. Venkat Raj and S.K. Mehta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-37 Download
38 1991 Hycomb-a computer code for the analysis of hydrogen combustion in the containment of a nuclear reactor S. Ganju, S.G. Markandeya, A.K. Ghosh and V. Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-38 Download
39 1991 Thermal hydraulic analysis for the design of intermediate heat exchanger A. Rajkumar, K. Velusamy, G.Vaidyanathan and S.B. Bhoje CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-39 Download
40 1991 Dynamic modeling of pressure control system of a 500 MWe PHWR power plant thermal hydraulic aspects A.J. Gaikwad, A.K. Nayak, Rajesh Kumar, Ajit Haridas G. Chakraborty and V. Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-40 Download
41 1991 Temperature distribution in end-shields of Indian PHWR V. Bhasin, R.K. Singh, B.K. Dutta and H.S. Kushwaha CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-41 Download
42 1991 Press-a computer code for predicting the pressuriser transients and its application to dynamic analysis of proposed pressuriser for a 500 MWe PHWR S.G. Markandeya, S. Neelakantan, S.K. Chaki, R.L. Sehgal, V. Venkat Raj and L.G.K. Murthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-42 Download
43 1991 Transient evolution of temperature in parts of control plug within the hot pool S. Anil Lal, K. Velusamy, A. Rajkumar, G. Vaidyanathan and S.B. Bhoje CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-43 Download
44 1991 Effect of water leaks in LMFBR steam generators P. Selvaraj and G. Vaidyanathan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-44 Download
45 1991 Analysis of simulated steam generator tube rupture in a nuclear power plant P.K. Dolas,S.K. Gupta, V. Venkat Raj, R. Sharma, R.B. Grover and S.K. Mehta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-45 Download
46 1991 Effect of diametral creep on steady state coolant flow and thermal hydraulic sub-channel parameters in the fuel cluster of a 500 MWe PHWR G. Pal, S.G. Markandeya and V.Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-46 Download
47 1991 Performance analysis of the bleed condenser used in indian PHWR A.K. Nayak, A.J. Gaikwad, P.K. Vijayan and V. Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-47 Download
48 1991 Analysis of heat and mass transfer in metal hydride beds of annular cylindrical configuration M. Ram Gopal and S. Srinivasa Murthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-48 Download
49 1991 Performance characteristics of tubular indirect evaporative coolers R.C. Arora, P.K. Das and Ajay Sharma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-49 Download
50 1991 Parameter estimation – imbedding technique versus least square residual method V. Rammohan Rao and S.P. Venkateshan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-50 Download
51 1991 A comparative study of void-fraction measurement by some algorithms of gamma-ray tomography P. Munshi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-51 Download
52 1991 Analysis of coupled momentum and mass transfer during purification of proteins in immuno-adsorption affinity columns A.K. Saxena and V.G. Kubair CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-52 Download
53 1991 Studies on gas absorption with chemical reaction in falling films on wavy surfaces C.M. Narayanan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-53 Download
54 1991 Experimental investigation of heat transfer by radial jet reattachment S. Dey and R.K. Brahma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-54 Download
55 1991 Effect of reynolds number and free stream turbulence on the convective heat transfer from a nozzle guide vane A.K. Nayak and T.L. Seetharama Rao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-55 Download
56 1991 Fem analysis of heat transfer in a developing turbulent pipe flow – a comparative study of nine models M.S. Ravisankar, K.N. Seetharamu, P.A. Aswatha Narayana and J.N. Reddy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-56 Download
57 1991 Prediction of laminar developing flow and heat transfer in a square-sectioned duct rotating in orthogonal mode G. Bhat and A..W. Date CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-57 Download
58 1991 effect of initial temperature distribution of fluid on thermally fully developed flow Subhashis Ray and Swarnendu Sen CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-58 Download
59 1991 heat transfer from rotating aerofoils in quiescent air A.A. Tawfek, B.V.S.S.S. Prasad and A.K. Mohanty CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-59 Download
60 1991 Energy analysis of a captive power plant of a fertilizer unit B.K. Murali, P. Prabhakaran, and L.N. Lalwani CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-60 Download
61 1991 Analysis of two stage evaporative cooling system for seiyun-yemen H.A. AL-Towaie and B.T. Nijaguna CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-61 Download
62 1991 Thermodynamic optimization of a waste heat boiler P.K. Nag and S. Mazumdar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-62 Download
63 1991 Design and development of a simple and low cost economizer for small boilers R. Karwa CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-63 Download
64 1991 A novel approach to optimize shell and tube heat exchangers K. Ramananda Rao, U. Shrinivasa and J. Srinivasan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-64 Download
65 1991 An approach to the design of circulating fluidized bed boilers P.K. Halder, A. Datta and R. Chattopadhyay CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-65 Download
66 1991 Effect of swirl on heat transfer in a circulating fluidized bed P.K. Nag, T.K. De and S. Mandal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-66 Download
67 1991 Phototrophic micro – organisms: a source of hydrogen D.Deepak CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-67 Download
68 1991 Axially grooved aluminium acetone heat pipe for space-craft application Dinesh Kumar, H. Purushothama Rao, H. Narayana Murthy and P.P. Gupta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-68 Download
69 1991 Performance of thermal systems for temperature control of INSAT-2 ETM spacecraft during thermovac performance test Dinesh Kumar, P.P. Gupta, A.K. Ray, P.N. Rajendran Usha D. Shahtri, H. Purushothama Rao, V. Ramakrishnan, A. Atchamamba, Dinesh Chandra, R.A. Katti, V.K. Kaila and H. Narayana Murthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-69 Download
70 1991 Heat flux calorimeter for IR simulation test instrumentation Dinesh Kumar, P.P. Gupta, H. Purushothama Rao and H. Narayana Murthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-70 Download
71 1991 Investigations on multijet nozzle deposition for magnesium rich propellants J. Ram Mohan and S.S. Gokhale CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-71 Download
72 1991 Studies on the heat transfer in the submerged nozzle region of a rocket motor P.A. Krishnamoorthy, P.O. Balachandran and M.C. Dattan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-72 Download