Past proceedings

S.No Year Title Author Category Code Download
1 1987 Dependent scattering and extinction of thermal radiation in particulate systems Chang-Lin-Tien and Sunil Kumar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-109-87 Download
2 1987 Analysis of axisymmetric heat flow through a weld material George Joseph, T K. Bose and B.C. Pillai CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-8-87 Download
3 1987 An application of adi scheme to the numerical solution of transient heat conduction problem in a straight composite fin P.S. Ghoshdastidar and Aniruddha Mukhopadhyay CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-43-87 Download
4 1987 The computer aided transient heat transfer analysis in turbine blades using the non-linear finite element method Rajeeve Bahree and Anand M. Sharan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-96-87 Download
5 1987 Temperature transient during multipass welding B.K. Dutta, D.S. Chawla, H.S.Kushwaha and A.Kakodkar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-27-87 Download
6 1987 Transient temperature computations in different sizes of c-couplings due to reactor start up and shutdown B.K. Dutta, D.S. Chawla, H.S.Kushwaha and A.Kakodkar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-28-87 Download
7 1987 Evaluation of temperature field in composite tube sheet geometries with complex boundary conditions R.K.Singh, H.S.Kushwaha, B.Murali and A.Kakodkar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-57-87 Download
8 1987 Forced convection heat transfer to a viscous liquid in laminar flow in a tube with a twisted tape S.P. Sukhatme, U.N.Gaitonde, C.S.Shildore and R.S.Kuncolienkar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-7-87 Download
9 1987 Numerical predictions for laminar forced convection heat transfer to helium fluid flowing through a tube at near-critical conditions S. Upendra Shenoy and K.Gopinath CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-73-87 Download
10 1987 Heat transfer to two-component flows in non-circular pipes V.G. Kubair CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-53-87 Download
11 1987 Heat transfer of saturated porous flow in a rotating straight pipe V.S. Ramana Rao and V.V.Sobha CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-32-87 Download
12 1987 Turbulent flow heat transfer in an annulus fitted with a helical tape N.S. Gupte and A.W.Date CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-29-87 Download
13 1987 Compound augmentation of turbulent flow heat transfer in spirally corrugated tube with twisted tape inserts C.Shivkumar and M. Raja Rao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-20-87 Download
14 1987 Heat transfer and friction in roughened annular tubes with helical triangular ribs M.A. Shalaby CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-82-87 Download
15 1987 Heat transfer augmentation in forced convection to a burning surface by leading edge protection B.N. Raghbunandan and G.P. Yogesh CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-21-87 Download
16 1987 Estimation of heat transfer co-efficient distribution around a gas turbine nozzle guide vane V. Krishnamoorthy, T.R.Shembharkar and B.R.Pai CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-65-87 Download
17 1987 Theortical studies of fluid flow and heat transfer in laminar flow around a sphere I. Padhy, R.K.Brahma and B.Pradhan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-50-87 Download
18 1987 Heat transfer in a rotating disk system with radial coolant passages Biswajit Banerjee, K.V.Chalpathi Roa CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-87 Download
19 1987 A study of heat transfer in a jacketed agitated vessel R.Dowla, K.Ikhtyar Omar and M.N. Islam CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-84-87 Download
20 1987 Entropy generation in convective heat transfer in a tube with constant wall temperature P.K. Nag and P.Mukherjee CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-49-87 Download
21 1987 A second law analysis of heat transfer augmentation by the wake splitter A.M.A. Ibrahim and V.R.Raghavan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-74-87 Download
22 1987 Effects of hold inclination on the film cooling techniques S.F. Hanna, M.M. Awad and N.S. Matta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-107-87 Download
23 1987 Stastical dynamical characteristics distribution of flows from rectangular curved channel P.P. Khramtsov, N.I.Lemesh, S.A.Levchenko, O.G. Martynenko, I.A.Vatutin and D.S. Mishra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-113-87 Download
24 1987 Transient free convection heat transfer in a horizontal fin array via differential C.B.Sobhan, S.P.Venkateshan and K.N.Seetharamu CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-5-87 Download
25 1987 Axisymmetric free boundary layer flows due to combined thermal and concentration buoyancy in isothermal and stratified media D.Angirasa and J.Srinivasan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-61-87 Download
26 1987 Laminar free convection from a vertical flat plate with a protuberance R.C. Arora and S.G. Moulic CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-64-87 Download
27 1987 Free convection in horizontally oriented rectangular enclosures H.C. Shukla and R.C. Patel CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-22-87 Download
28 1987 Bouyancy induced flow and heat transfer in vertical annuli M.R.Dubey and A.K.Mohanty CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-60-87 Download
29 1987 Non-darcy natural convection in a vertical porous annulus K. Muralidhar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-105-87 Download
30 1987 Mixed convection in an enclosure with heat source T.K.Bhattacharaya and R.Prakash CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-19-87 Download
31 1987 Numerical solution of periodic phase change heat transfer problems M.Hasan, A.S. Mujumdar and M.E.Weber CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-108-87 Download
32 1987 On local Vs Global implicitness during the solution of melting and solidification problems Biswajit Basu and A.W.Date CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-51-87 Download
33 1987 Thermal Behaviour of cores during solidification of castings S.Sridhara, Malur N.Srinivasan and M.R. Seshadri CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-69-87 Download
34 1987 Solidification of V-shaped casting in permanent moulds D.M. Sangle, G.P. Reddy and G.K. Sharma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-15-87 Download
35 1987 Effect of rotation of boiling heat transfer from horizontal cylinder N.S. Garg CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-23-87 Download
36 1987 On dry out heat flux of tubes R.S. Rana, S.D.Soni, S.D.Bansal and Rajkumar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-24-87 Download
37 1987 Experimental study of heat transfer by film boiling in water J. Srinivasan and Jeevan Shankara CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-68-87 Download
38 1987 On bubble growth rate equations for nucleate boiling at high heat flux A.M. Bhat CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-99-87 Download
39 1987 An analytical model of micro layer formation in nucleate pool boiling at high heat flux A.K. Rajvanshi, J.S. Saini and R.Prakash CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-33-87 Download
40 1987 Condensation on a rotating disc-a conjugate problem S.P.Chary and P.K.Sharma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-75-87 Download
41 1987 Effect of heat transfer during two phase metastable flow of refrigerant 12 through nozzles V.Charan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-39-87 Download
42 1987 Dynamics of a two-phase bubble G.S. Bhat and V.H. Arakeri CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-62-87 Download
43 1987 Heat transfer of horizontal smooth an finned bundles in fluidized beds of large particles V.A.Borodulya, Yu.S.Teplitsky, A.I.Tamarin, V.I.Kovensky, I.I.Markevich, G.I. Polchonok and Yu.G.Epanov CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-110-87 Download
44 1987 Heat transfer in fluidized bed coal combustors N.S. Grewal, B.J.Zobeck, M.D. Mann and D.R.Hajicek CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-106-87 Download
45 1987 Studies on hydrodynamics of a turbulent bed contractor K.V.Nayak and M.Raja Rao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-98-87 Download
46 1987 Choice of particle diameter in FBC S.Vaidyanathan and M.Achuthan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-92-87 Download
47 1987 Mechanism of heat transfer in liquid fluidized beds N. Krishsnamurthy and D.Sathiyamoorthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-81-87 Download
48 1987 Fludized bed combustor for agro wastes B.T.Nijaguna and A.N.Chapgaon CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-87-87 Download
49 1987 Influence of atmospheric transmittance on monthly average daily factor for beam radiation V.V. Satyamurthy and L.M.Acharya CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-12-87 Download
50 1987 Performance of a skytherm building in Bangalore S.K. Ashok Kumar and C.R.Prasad CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-54-87 Download
51 1987 Investigation of initial heatin g and cyclic of MHD pilot plant S.Babu and D.Krishnamurthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-63-87 Download
52 1987 Computer aided analysis and optimization of bio-gas enrichment process C.M. Narayan, G.M.Prabhu and B.C. Bhattacharya CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-79-87 Download
53 1987 Absorption heat pump: behaviour to variable loading: some aspects of regulation B.Mohanty, M.H. Hour, M.Prevost and R.Bugarel CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-111-87 Download
54 1987 Absorption heat pump: performance of a new type of absorber A.Benbrahim, M.Prevost and R.Bugarel CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-112-87 Download
55 1987 Design of double effect generator for A3-Ton LiBr-H2 0 Absorption refrigeration system S.B.Koganti, A.T.Konlisk and R.N.Christensen CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-58-87 Download
56 1987 Heat transfer augmentation by tube inserts in heat exchangers D.Jayaraj and K.N. Seetharamu CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-9-87 Download
57 1987 An expression for overall heat transfer coefficient in vertical in shell condensers K.N. Murthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-48-87 Download
58 1987 Prospects of producing superheated steam using a regenerative heater N.N. Pandey CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-77-87 Download
59 1987 Prediction of film cooling in rocket motors J.C. Pisharady and K.Rama Murthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-11-87 Download
60 1987 Experimental study on liquid film cooling R. Lakshminarayanan, B.R.Pai and R. Natarajan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-35-87 Download
61 1987 Thermal aspects of journal bearing lubrication C.Rajalingham and B.S.Prabhu CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-17-87 Download
62 1987 Cooling analysis of forced circulation air cooled electronic equipment B.S.Jagadish, A.Jaganmohan and D.S.Joshi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-55-87 Download
63 1987 Investigation of effect of fin configuration on the performance of bi-metallic tubes D.D.Agrawal and S.S. Arora CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-70-87 Download
64 1987 Mathematics modelling of fired heaters with combined radiation and convection C.V.S. Murthy and M.V.Krishna Murthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-72-87 Download
65 1987 Development of the IRS-1A thruster thermal mathematical model P.V.Krishna Kumar, K.Badarinarayan and D.R.Bhandari CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-13-87 Download
66 1987 Estimation of Aerodynamic heating from flight measurements R.C.Mehta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-76-87 Download
67 1987 Studies of mass transfer in developing and developed flow during electro deposition M.Sabder Ali, M.G.F.Khan and I. Mahmud CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-100-87 Download
68 1987 The effect of heat transfer on hydrodynamic stability with fiber drawing V.L. Kolpashchikov, O.G.Martynenko and A.I.Shnip CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-114-87 Download
69 1987 A simplified analytical model for steam chugging A.K.Ghosh CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2-87 Download
70 1987 Napp steam generator open loop dynamic response G.Chakraborty, D.K.Gangwal and R.N.Ray CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-3-87 Download
71 1987 Transition from forced to natural circulation in a figure of eight loop P.K. Vijayan, A.W.Date, V.Venkat Raj and S.K. Mehta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-4-87 Download
72 1987 Thermohydraulic analysis of lmfbr plunum A. Raja Kumar, K.Veluswamy and G.Vaidyanathan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-30-87 Download
73 1987 Moving mesh approach to dynamics of once through steam generator A.Ashok Kumar and G.Vaidyanathan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-31-87 Download
74 1987 Molten fuel coolant interaction behaviours of various fast reactor fuels J.B. Doshi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-45-87 Download
75 1987 Comparative study of vertical thermo-syphon reboiler / evaporator design methods A.Rama Devi, S.B.Koganti and G.R.Balasubramanian CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-59-87 Download
76 1987 On the estimation of channel power distribution for PHWRS M.V.Parikh, A.N. Kumar, P.Bhaskar Rao and B.Krishna Mohan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-66-87 Download
77 1987 Calibr-A computer code to determine the thermal margins for tarapur BWRS V. Jagannathan, A.R.Kulkarni and K.R.Srinivasan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-71-87 Download
78 1987 Operational ayalysis of the bleed condensor of narora atomic power project S.F.Vohra, D.Chakraborty and S.G.Ghadge CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-93-87 Download
79 1987 Analysis of simulated small break looss of coolant accident-standard problem exercise sponsored by IAEA P.K.Dolas, V.Venkat Raj, S.K.Gupta, B.F.Chamany and S.K. Mehta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-87 Download
80 1987 A computer code for the prediction of steady state and transient performance of natural circulation type integral drum steam generators R.K. Nagdaune, P.K.Vijayan and V.Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-101-87 Download
81 1987 Pump failure analysis of pressurized heavy water reactor D. Kumar, P.K.Dolas, S.K.Gupta and B.F.Chamany CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-42-87 Download
82 1987 Temperature transients in a phwr fuel bundle S.K. Gupta, L.G.K.Murthy and U.N. Gaitondes CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-41-87 Download
83 1987 Steady state and transient analysis of spent nuclear fuel bundle exposed to stagnant atmosphere G.Pal, G.G. Markandeya and V. Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-56-87 Download
84 1987 Evaluating reactive heat conductivity co-efficient for simple reacting gases T.K. Bose CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-16-87 Download
85 1987 Viscosity and thermal conductivity of refrigerant absorbent mixtures John M.George and K.Srinivasan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-83-87 Download