Past proceedings

S.No Year Title Author Category Code Download
1 1985 Large scale structure and their role in anomalous behavior of skewness factors in the outer part of a wake V.L .Zhdanav, Yu.M.Dmitrenko and B.A.Kolovandin INVITED PAPERS HMT-A8-85 Download
2 1985 Prediction of film cooling in the presence of chemical reaction J.c.Pishardy and B.R.Pai CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A21-85 Download
3 1985 Modeling of seafood processing using finite element method S.M.Sherif, V.N.Vedamoorthy and K.N.Seetharamu CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A30-85 Download
4 1985 Drift losses in water cooling towers Kalluri S.Murthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A19-85 Download
5 1985 Variation of thermodynamic potential of systems under applied magnetic field V.Mohan, R.Ramalingam, S.Ganeshmurthy and K.Padmanabhan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A16-85 Download
6 1985 Intermittent heating and cooling of an electrode R.C. Mehta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A14-85 Download
7 1985 Local heat transfer measurements on a cylinder and blade profiles B.V.S.S.S.Prasad and A.K.Mohanty CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A17-85 Download
8 1985 Influence of injection on surface pressure coefficient for an aerofoil model S.F.Hanna, M.M. Awad, O.A. Asim and N.S.Matta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A40-85 Download
9 1985 Solar pond simulation studies-feasibility along east coast of India S.P.Chary, P.R.L. Sarma and P.K. Sarma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A29-85 Download
10 1985 Effect of wire wrapping of tubes on heat transfer in fluidized beds P.K. Nag and B.Debray CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A20-85 Download
11 1985 Heat evolution during microbiological growths Desh Deepak CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A7-85 Download
12 1985 Selection of working fluid for ORC systems for waste heat recovery J.S. Rao and K.N. Murthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A46-85 Download
13 1985 Effect of mass of working fluid on the performance of an axially grooved heated pipe R.G. Tathgir and Gajendra Singh CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A43-85 Download
14 1985 Evaluation of heat transfer rates in the cylinder of I.C. Engines K.Subba Reddi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A35-85 Download
15 1985 Design and development of a solar feed water heating system for a thermal power plant S.P.Chary and P.K. Sarma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A48-85 Download
16 1985 An experimental investigation of fully developed laminar flow in a non-circular annulus S.C.solanki, J.S.Saini and C.P. Gupta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A34-85 Download
17 1985 Heat transfer in reciprocating compressors and compressor performance R.C. Arora and Ramana Kumar Gogula CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A4-85 Download
18 1985 A study of transpiration from perforated flat plate M.M.Awad, S.F.Hanna, O.A.Asim and N.S.Matta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A42-85 Download
19 1985 Thermal hydraulic problems in Indian Pressurized heavy water reactor safety L.G.K. Moorthy and A.K.Ghosh CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-B14-85 Download
20 1985 Simultaneous temperature monitoring and data acquisition system for the multi-component boiling rig (MCBR) V.V. Wadekar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-B15-85 Download
21 1985 A study of effects of heat transfer parameters on inherent safety of LMFBR’S G. Vaidyanathan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-B9-85 Download
22 1985 Investigations on Natural circulation in a figure-of-eight loop P.K. Vijayan, V.Venkat Raj and S.K. Mehta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-B10-85 Download
23 1985 Transient effect of large voltage dips and change in grid frequency on PHWR primary heat transport system G. Chakraborty and L.G.K.Moorthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-B2-85 Download
24 1985 A model to study sodium fire suppression by oxygen cut off in covered trays Chandra raju, T.G.Gunasekran and R.D.Kale CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-B4-85 Download
25 1985 3-D Temperature distribution computation in reactor vault of 500 MWE nuclear reactor B.K. Dutta, W.V. Ramana and H.S.Kushwaha CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-B16-85 Download
26 1985 Temperature transients in a horizontal reactor channel under stratified coolant flow conditions S.K.Gupta, L.G.K.Moorthy and U.N.Gaitonde CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-B3-85 Download
27 1985 Analysis of hydrogen concentration in poison tubes of dhruva reactor B.K. Dutta and A.Kakodkar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-B11-85 Download
28 1985 Thermal behavior of a quench tank D.P.Rao and R.V.Nangia CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-B12-85 Download
29 1985 Natural convection in vertical annulus with baffles P.K.Vijayan, D.Saha and V.Venkata Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C23-85 Download
30 1985 Flow visualization and thermal mapping on film cooled turbine blade leading edge O.A. Azim, S.F.Hanna, M.M.Awad and N.S.Matta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C25-85 Download
31 1985 Effect of aspect ratio and radius ratio on free convection heat transfer in a cylindrical annulus filled with porous media S.K.Nath and V.V.Satyamurty CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C16-85 Download
32 1985 Numerical study of recirculating flow in enclosure T.K.Bhattacharyya CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C2-85 Download
33 1985 Heat transfer by the corona wind impinging on a pipe under free and forced convections S.D.Bagchi and R.G.Edkie CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C5-85 Download
34 1985 Laminar heated plane vertical jet in a thermally stratified environment K.Himasekhar and Y.Jaluria CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C28-85 Download
35 1985 Free convection from horizontal rectangular plates H.J. Shukla CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C20-85 Download
36 1985 Natural convection heat transfer in porous insulation of rectangular geometry V.V.Satyamurthy and S.K.Nath CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C15-85 Download
37 1985 Free convective heat transfer from a vertical surface for the case of linearly varying thermal potential T.Subrahmanyam, P.V.J.Mohan Rao, V.Dharma rao and P.K.Sarma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C35-85 Download
38 1985 Convective heat transfer in liquids confined between parallel plates, inclined to the horizontal G.S. Virabhadra Rao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C33-85 Download
39 1985 Asymptotic expansions in the theory of viscous jets O.G.Martynenko, V.N.Korovkin and Yu.A.Sokovishin CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C7-85 Download
40 1985 Laminar convection in the wall subchannels and the method of super position for finite rod bundles K.M. Sahoo and A.K.Mohanty CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C8-85 Download
41 1985 Turbulent boundary layer heat transfer for various free stream to wall temperature ratios Tarit K.Bose CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C3-85 Download
42 1985 Laminar entrance flow in porous tube K.Badari Narayana CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C1-85 Download
43 1985 Studies on heat transfer and friction characteristics of Helically serrated discontinuous longitudinal finned tubes A.P.Sabnis and M. Raja Rao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C31-85 Download
44 1985 Laminar convective heat transfer to a thermic fluid in a tube with a twisted tape S.P.Sukhatme, U.N.Gaitonde, S.V.Kulkarni and A.Majumdar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C21-85 Download
45 1985 Some studies on non-newtonian flow and heat transfer in wavy tubes S.Gangan, K.V. Iyer, A. Mukherjee, J.K.Brahma and C.M. Narayan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C11-85 Download
46 1985 Modelling of forced convection heat transfer in oneline focus solar concentrators Rui De Menezee and V.G.Kubair CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C26-85 Download
47 1985 Transient heat transfer from a solid sphere translating at low Reynolds number: perturbation solution for low peclet number Satwindar Singh Sadhai CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C14-85 Download
48 1985 Heat transfer by laminar forced convection to water in the near critical region for flow through a horizontal tube under constant wall temperature conditions S.U.Shenoy, B.S.Jagadish and G.K.Sharma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C19-85 Download
49 1985 Hydromagnetic flow and heat transfer in a saturated porous medium between two parallel porous walls in a rotating system G. Ananda Rao, A.S.Satyanarayana Murty and V.V. Ramanarao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C27-85 Download
50 1985 Local heat transfer distributions in forced convection over a rectangular plate bounded by short walls D.G.Motwani, U.N.Gaitonde and S.P.Sukhatme CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C29-85 Download
51 1985 Numerical algorithms for solving system of equations resulting from elliptic equations in heat transfer D.B.Godbole and A.W.Date CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-D19-85 Download
52 1985 A mathematical model for the transient temperature field in a cladded cylindrical fuel element P.Janardanan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-D18-85 Download
53 1985 Some new ideas for transient heat conduction analysis R.K.Singh and H.S.Kushwaha CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-D12-85 Download
54 1985 Solidification of liquid inside a spherical vessel N.K.Samria CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-D29-85 Download
55 1985 Incremental elements in finite element method Sitaram Varanasi and R.B.Saxena CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-D28-85 Download
56 1985 Concerning one mechanism of liquid heating-up during its interaction with the pulse optical nanosecond duration radiation G.I.Rudin, S.A.Levchenko, N.N.Stolovich and S.I.Shabunya CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-D16-85 Download
57 1985 Experimental and theoretical investigation of the structure and extinction of counter flow premixed flames burning diluted methane and air K.Seshadri and I. Puri CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-D22-85 Download
58 1985 A rational procedure for correlation of drop combustion rates under convective conditions R.Natarajan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-D24-85 Download
59 1985 Wall shear stress and heat transfer in the presence of a diffusion flame in a laminar boundary layer B.N. Raghunandan and A.Ramachandra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-D21-85 Download
60 1985 A study of the effect of heating rates on low temperature coke reactivities. K.I. Omar and A.B.Hedley CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-D23-85 Download
61 1985 Some heat transfer problems of boiler and furnace Hiroshi Taniguchi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-D30-85 Download
62 1985 The effects of turbulence and interference on the combustion characteristics of fuel drops burning in a vertical configuration R.Natarajan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-D25-85 Download
63 1985 Heat transfer between horizontal tubes and freeboard region of a low-rank coal fluidized bed combuster N.S.Grewal, E.S.Sorenson and D.R.Hajicek CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-D26-85 Download
64 1985 Two-phase flow simulation using simplified U-V-E-T and U-V-U-T models for steam-generator studies P.Munshi, K.Sri Ram, R.Bhatnagar and D.V.Rao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-E20-85 Download
65 1985 Correlations for horizontal in-tube condensation with twisted tape inserts K.Ramakrishna and N.Z.Azer CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-E11-85 Download
66 1985 Combined effect of surface roughness and polymeric additive on nucleate pool boiling at low heat flux P.K. Tewari, R.K.Verma, M.P.S.Ramani and S.P.Mahajan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-E2-85 Download
67 1985 Two-phase flow in helical coils-I: Development of generalized parameters to relate two-phase pressure drop with single-phase pressure drop C. Kesava Rao and A.Satyanarayana CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-E5-85 Download
68 1985 Two-phase flow in helical coils-II: Correlation of experimental data C. Kesava Rao and A.Satyanarayana CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-E6-85 Download
69 1985 Condensation on a moving drop: effect of time-dependent drop velocity T.Sundararajan and P.S.Ayyaswamy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-E17-85 Download
70 1985 Pressure drop calculations for two-phase fluid flow in Bombay offshore pipeline Ramashish Rai CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-E23-85 Download
71 1985 Agitation and heat transfer in the two-phase liquid mixtures Mrs.S.K.Pandey and B.S.Barshney CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-E18-85 Download
72 1985 Condensation patterns of some organic vapors on Teflon coated mild steel R.Chandrasekharan and T.Venkatram CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-E21-85 Download
73 1985 Heat transfer rates in turbulent film boiling K.V.Sharma, P.K.Sarma and V.Dharma Rao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-E22-85 Download
74 1985 Convective two-phase heat transfer between rotating annulus C.Bhaskar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-E16-85 Download
75 1985 Analysis of two-phase critical flow by a UVUT model A.K.Ghosh and L.G.K.Moorthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-E15-85 Download
76 1985 On the termophysical parameters of oxides, carbides and nitrides of plutonium and uranium at high temperatures P.Bhaskar Rao and Om Pal Singh CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-F7-85 Download
77 1985 Heat capacity of liquids M.P.Saksena and P.Dashora CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-F6-85 Download
78 1985 Determination of boiling point of binary liquid mixtures Mrs.S.K. Pandey CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-F15-85 Download
79 1985 A unified approach for predicting isothermal vapour-liquid equilibria and viscosity from heat of mixing T.R.Kubendran, M.R.V.Krishnan and G.S.Laddha CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-F10-85 Download
80 1985 Thermal comparator (design and development) B.T.Nijaguna and I.M.Kolhar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-F8-85 Download
81 1985 Heat transfer analysis of a hot-wire element for a constant temperature anemometer for the measurement in unsteady variable density flows K.V.Reddy, V.Ganesan and K.V.Gopalakrishnan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-F12-85 Download
82 1985 An optical systems for determining droplet size and wetness fraction in two-phase flows S.Madhava rao and K.Himkar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-F9-85 Download
83 1985 Mass transfer study in a vertical parallel plate electrochemical reactor M.S.Ali and M.A. Chowdhury CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-G4-85 Download
84 1985 Homogeneous chemical reactions in a programmed reactor with variable wall temperature R.N. Char CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-G6-85 Download
85 1985 Consecutive chemical reactions in a tubular reactor R.N.Char CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-G7-85 Download
86 1985 Absorption of lean hydrogen suphide by reacting solution and slurries G.R.Chandrasekharan, N.Satyhamurthy and G.S.Laddha CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-G1-85 Download
87 1985 A phenomenological approach to evaporation zone determination in drying processes with regard to capillary forces P.S.Kute and N.N.Grinchik CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-G5-85 Download
88 1985 Mass transfer at stationary outer cylinder with concentric inner cylinder rotating – effect of gap width D.Changal Raju, C.Bhaskara Sarma and G.J.V. Jagannadha Raju CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-G14-85 Download
89 1985 Mathematical model for solid – liquid mass transfer from compacted solids C. Ayyanna CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-G10-85 Download
90 1985 Mass Transfer in a centrifugal fluidized bed V.A.Borodulya, G.I.Zhuraveky and A.I.Podberezeky CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-G15-85 Download
91 1985 Mass transfer at cylinders rotating about parallel axes : Part I V. Parvatalingeswara Rao and G.J.V.Jagannadha Raju CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-G11-85 Download
92 1985 Mass transfer at cylinders rotating about parallel axes : Part II V. Parvatalingeswara Rao and G.J.V.Jagannadha Raju CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-G12-85 Download
93 1985 Mass transfer with pore generation in single straight capillaries C.Ayyanna CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-G8-85 Download
94 1985 Heat transfer and flow resistance in plate finned heat exchangers in air cooling A.M.A.Ibrahim and M.M.Awad CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-H10-85 Download
95 1985 Heat transfer to air from a row of tubes in a vertical plane R.S.Rana, V.Charan and H.K.Varma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-H12-85 Download
96 1985 Application of finite elements in recuperative heat exchangers S.G.Ravikumar, K.N.Seetharamu and P.A.Awwathanarayana CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-H4-85 Download
97 1985 Performance of a power plant twin condenser N.S.Murthy and R.B.S.Chauhan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-H8-85 Download
98 1985 Performance of a rectangular fin subjected to asymptotic fouling V.R.Raghavan and N.S.Kothari CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-H1-85 Download
99 1985 Temperature distribution of cooling water in evaporative tubular heat exchanger R.S.Rana, S.D.Soni and G.D.Bansal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-H6-85 Download
100 1985 Cost optimization and performance of steam surface condensers P.S.V.Kurmarao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-H9-85 Download
101 1985 Thermal performance of an air cooled finned tube S.K.Gupta and B.N.Jha CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-H11-85 Download
102 1985 Augmentation of laminar flow heat transfer in perforated finned tubes N.K.Sane, Miss A.N.Tikekar and B.G.Kulkarni CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-H13-85 Download