Past proceedings

S.No Year Title Author Category Code Download
1 1983 Thermal analysis of shut-off rod assembly for a research reactor S.M. Koranne, R.B.Grover, V.Venkat Raj INVITED PAPERS HMT-A3-83 Download
2 1983 Cooling of an integral die billet configuration S.Shamasundar A.G.Marathe, S.K.Biswas CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A4-83 Download
3 1983 Heat pipes in boiler industry R.Vasudevan, K.Viswanathan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A7-83 Download
4 1983 Flow mixing studies on 22 element fuel bu8ndle for narora atomic power station M.Das, A.G. Chattre, R.S.Rustagi, S.K.Bandyopadhyay, L.G.K.Murthy, K.Sridharan, R.S. Verma, Ram Prasad CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A10-83 Download
5 1983 Heat transfer from plate and tube heat exchangers R.C. Arora, Alok K.Das, P.K.Jain CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A12-83 Download
6 1983 Performance of ECCS accumulators in case of loss of coolant accident for tarapur atomic power station reactors H.G. Lele, L.G.K. Murthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A14-83 Download
7 1983 Analysis of the primary heat transport system of the narora atomic power station S.K. Bandyopadhyay, K.Sreevilasan, S.K.Chaki, V.B.Khardekar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A16-83 Download
8 1983 Dryout heat flux of a single horizontal tube of an evaporative heat exchanger R.S.Rana, V.Charan, H.K. Varma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A18-83 Download
9 1983 Heat transfer phenomena in metal mould castings R. Lalith Kumar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A19-83 Download
10 1983 A new oil cooler design for lube oil system in thermal power plants P.S.V. Kurmarao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A21-83 Download
11 1983 Effect of pallets on the radiative thermal response of an indirectly heated packed bed reactor S.K. Ojha, A.Prasad, K.N.Gupta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A22-83 Download
12 1983 Process design of U-tube nuclear steam generators for pressurized water reactor power stations S.Vijayaraghavan, K.D.Mehra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A23-83 Download
13 1983 Heat transfer coefficient distribution over a film cooled turbine blade G.N.Rao, W.V.Nabar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A27-83 Download
14 1983 Role of drain cooler for improving the heat rate of thermal power plant N.S.Murthy, R.B.S.Chauhan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A29-83 Download
15 1983 An investigation on cryogenic regenerators N. Nagaraja, K.G.Narayankhedkar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A30-83 Download
16 1983 Design analysis of heat exchangers for flow induced vibration and noise – a practical look R. Jiyavan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A31-83 Download
17 1983 Flow-induced vibration and noise in heat exchangers R.K. Shah CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A32-83 Download
18 1983 Heat transfer in a vertical tube thermosiphon reboiler S.S.Alam, Rameshwar Prasad CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-A32-83 Download
19 1983 Film cooling studies of large entry duct of annular combustion chambers B.R. Pai, R.Lakshminarayanan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-B1-83 Download
20 1983 Determination of liquid temperatures in droplet combustion R.Venkataram, U.S.P.Shet, R.Natarajan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-B6-83 Download
21 1983 Heat transfer to a horizontal immersed tube in a fluidized bed coal combustor D.Ray, P.K.Nag CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-B7-83 Download
22 1983 Effect of chemical additives on the ignition and combustion of coal J. Ramamohana Rao, V.R. Pai Verneker, M.A.Tirunarayanan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-B9-83 Download
23 1983 Numerical solution of Laplace equation in a multiply connected domain with curved boundaries V. Zabavnik, B.V.S.S.S. Prasad, A.K. Mohanty CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C1-83 Download
24 1983 Critical flow models for nuclear reactor safety evaluation P.K.Dolas, V.Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C2-83 Download
25 1983 Analysis of thermally induced flow and heat transfer in a closed loop P.K.Vijayan, D.Saha, V.Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C3-83 Download
26 1983 An analysis of factors affecting the thermal performance of a power plant boiler V.K. Sethi, S.K.Gupta, P.B.Sharma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C5-83 Download
27 1983 A time-constant method for heat conduction transients in composite coaxial cylinders used in nuclear systems S. Sankaranarayanan, N.Veeraraghavan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C11-83 Download
28 1983 A residual method of finite differencing for elliptic transport problem T.K. Bhattacharayya CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C21-83 Download
29 1983 Numerical investigation of heat flow rate through a multifin array R.C. Mehta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C26-83 Download
30 1983 Heat generation in different bearing configurations by FEM S.P. Tayal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C27-83 Download
31 1983 Developing laminar flows in circular duct S.U.Shenoy, G.K.Sharma, B.S. Jagadish CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C28-83 Download
32 1983 Combined free and forced convection in a finite rod array Reeta Das, A.K. Mohaty CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C29-83 Download
33 1983 Dynamics of heat transfer in a stirred tank with cooling coil Hamid Ali, M.C.,Bansal, S.S.Alam CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-C30-83 Download
34 1983 Experimental investigation into natural convection heat transfer in an open loop thermosyphon with horizontal heated tubes S.K. Haware, R.B.Grover, V.Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-D2-83 Download
35 1983 Free convection heat transfer from vertical tapered fin arrays N.K.Sane, J.G. Kulkarni CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-D4-83 Download
36 1983 Transient temperature distribution in a cylindrical shell N.K. Samria, B.Haragopala Rao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-D8-83 Download
37 1983 Application of methodology of engineering experimentation to investigation of heat transfer augmentation process employing EHD technique A.M. Pingle, J.P.Modak CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-D11-83 Download
38 1983 Analysis of the temperature distributions in a system of two heat generating co-axial hollow cylinders having two separate heat sinks (revised) B. Jayaswal, S.Sankaranarayanan, N.Veeraghavan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-D12-83 Download
39 1983 Loca induced transients in a nuclear reactor containment A.K. Ghosh, L.G.K.Murthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-D14-83 Download
40 1983 Transient heat transfer from a cylindrical rod with convective and radiative heat transfer and its application A.K. Ghosh, B.K.Sinha CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-D15-83 Download
41 1983 Convective heat transfer to dilatant non-newtonian fluids flowing over a wedge G.Rama Murthy, K.N.Seetharamu, K.N.Rao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-D18-83 Download
42 1983 Heat transfer in flow past a continuously moving porous plate with variable temperature V.M. Soundalgekar, T.V.Ramanamurthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-D21-83 Download
43 1983 Heat transfer in a superimposed streaming and swirling flow of time-independent power-law fluids S.K. Som, G.Biswas CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-D22-83 Download
44 1983 An analogy on heat and momentum transfer in non-newtonian turbulent flow in smooth pipes A.K.M.A. Quader, S.H.Khan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-D25-83 Download
45 1983 Analysis of heat transfer in 1-1 divided flow heat exchangers D.V.V. Satyanarayana, K.Naryana Murthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-D27-83 Download
46 1983 Prediction of film cooling effectiveness with tangential injection of gaseous coolants K.Ramamurthi, T.R.Shembharkar, B.R.Pai CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-D28-83 Download
47 1983 Thermal analysis of dusty gas glow between two rotating cylinders C.Bhaskar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-D29-83 Download
48 1983 Enhancement of thermal conductivity of some oxide ceramics at high temperature C.G.S. Pillai, A.M. George CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-E1-83 Download
49 1983 Rheological properties of a heat transfer oil A.K.Dey, B.B.Bansal, S.K.Basu CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-E2-83 Download
50 1983 High temperature properties of gaseous UF6 and UF6-He gas mixtures Calvin C. Oliver CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-E4-83 Download
51 1983 Design and analysis of a DC plasma torch P. Janardanan, P.A.Krishnamoorthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-E6-83 Download
52 1983 Transport properties of two temperature multiple ionized neon, krypton and xenon plasmas D.Kannappan, T.K. Bose CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-E8-83 Download
53 1983 Effect of temperature on rheological properties of certain ferromagnetic fluids P.Prabhakaran, R.V.Mehta, J.M.Patel CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-E9-83 Download
54 1983 Stagnation-point heat transfer in two-temperature argon plasma R.V. Seeniraj, T.K.Bose CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-E10-83 Download
55 1983 Thermodynamic prediction of comparative transfer rates in liquid – liquid systems V.Mohan, R. Ramalingam, K.Padmabhan, K.Chandrasekharan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-E12-83 Download
56 1983 Effect of axial pressure drop on void fraction in adiabatic two phase flow P.V. Ramachandran, G.Inayatullah CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-F1-83 Download
57 1983 Integral method solutions for forced convection film boiling J.Ramamohana Rao, K.Krishna Prasad CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-F3-83 Download
58 1983 Effect of parameters on vapour void fraction K.P. Tyagi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-F4-83 Download
59 1983 The role of thermal radation in turbulent film boiling J.Srinivasan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-F5-83 Download
60 1983 Unsteady vaporization of an isolated fuel droplet under convective conditions : stagnation point analysis R.P. Gakkhar, Satya Prakash CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-F6-83 Download
61 1983 On the importance of nucleate and film boiling mode for heat transfer in molten fuel coolant thermal interaction studies P. Bhaskar Rao, Om Pal Singh, R.Shankar Singh CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-F8-83 Download
62 1983 Effect of electrolytic current coupled with rotation of electrode on saturated pool boiling heat transfer S.D. Bagchi, R.G.Edkie CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-F11-83 Download
63 1983 Boiling heat transfer from an inclined surface in pressure of inert particles S.N. Mishra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-F12-83 Download
64 1983 Effect of surface roughness on nucleate boiling of sodium chloride solutions at atmospheric and subatmospheric pressures P.K. Tewari, R.K.Verma, M.P.S.Ramani, A.Chattopadhyayh, S.P.Mahajan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-F13-83 Download
65 1983 Heat transfer in pool boiling through macrolayer on a heater of fine thickness N. Rajendra Prasadm, J.S.Saini, R.Prakash CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-F15-83 Download
66 1983 Studies of condensation heat transfer in diverging / converging tubes T.K. Chakravarty, B.C.Bhattacharyya CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-F16-83 Download
67 1983 Heat transfer rates in sub-cooled boiling during the process of quenching – an experimental correlation P.K. Sarma, B.Viswanadham, K.Himasekhar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-F18-83 Download
68 1983 Boiling heat transfer in a fluidized bed Shabbir Ahmed, Khaliqur Rahman CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-F19-83 Download
69 1983 A study of the sensitivity of heat transfer parameters on sodium boiling propagation, fuel slumping and subsequent effects in a LMFBRS under unprotected loss of flow accidents Om Pal Singh, P.Bhaskar Rao, R. Shankar Singh CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-F20-83 Download
70 1983 Effect of gas phase ambient parameters on the unsteady vaporization of a droplet in a convective stream R.P. Gakkhar, Satya Prakash CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-F22-83 Download
71 1983 Two-phase frictional pressure drop of ejector induced gas liquid dispersions V.R. Radhakrishnan, D.Senchaudhuri, A.K. Mitra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-F25-83 Download
72 1983 Heat transfer from a fluidized bed agricultural waste combustor R.Vadivel, P.Kalayana-sundaram, R.Balakrishnan, K.Pandian, S. Kaliaselvan, K.Paneerselvam CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-G1-83 Download
73 1983 Evaluation of operational practices for solar process hot water systems V.V. Satyamurty, A.P.Rao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-G2-83 Download
74 1983 Heat and mass transfer during low and high temperature thermal degradation of biomass V.G. Kubair CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-G7-83 Download
75 1983 Heat collection by a non-tracking solar cooker R.C. Agrawal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-G11-83 Download
76 1983 Carbon deposition on a porous surface with transpiration of nitrogen K.I. Omar, P.J.Foster CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-H3-83 Download
77 1983 Urea concentration profiles in body compartments during artificial kidney treatment Desh Deepak CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-H4-83 Download
78 1983 Direct contact evaporation in spray columns P. Battya, V.R.Raghavan, K.N.Seetharamu CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-H5-83 Download
79 1983 Absorption of oxygen by aqueous sodium sulphite solutions using cobalit carbonate as catalyst K.Sayeed Ahmed, N.Satyamurthy, G.S.Laddha CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-H7-83 Download
80 1983 Hetergenous competing chemical reactions in a tube-wall reactor R.N.Ghar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-H8-83 Download
81 1983 A new method for azeotronic separation based on gas-phase diffusion V.R. Radhakrishnan, D.K.Guha CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-H9-83 Download
82 1983 Enhancement of mass transfer due to pulsations I a packed column D.K. Guha, P.De CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-H10-83 Download