Past proceedings

S.No Year Title Author Category Code Download
1 1981 Economic insulation thickness for pipes and ducts Manohar prasad INVITED PAPERS HMT-87-81 Download
2 1981 Cooling of electrical motors by E-H-D (Electro-Hydro-Dynamic) technique S.D. Bagchi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-90-81 Download
3 1981 Thermal analysis of steam-generator employing rocket engine technology V.S. Prasad CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-3-81 Download
4 1981 MHD test combustor rig using producer gas A.V.Narayanan, G.V.S.Rao, V.R.Malghan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-116-81 Download
5 1981 Utilisation of solar energy for treatment of industrial wastes R.V. Amalraj, H.N.Siriah, C.Anand Babu, P.K.Sinha CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-120-81 Download
6 1981 Energy from African Payal (Salvinia) R.V.G.MEnon, R.Naryana Iyer CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-86-81 Download
7 1981 Practical aspects of boiler feedwater heater design M.R. Shanker, S.A. Nene CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-12-81 Download
8 1981 Experimental investigation of two-stage steam-jet air ejectors G. Rama Mohana Rao, V.M.K. Sastri CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-104-81 Download
9 1981 Heat transfer in coal-oil-gas slurry heaters K.R.K. Sarma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-15-81 Download
10 1981 Heat transfer from smooth horizontal tubes immersed in gas fluidized beds P.J. Shah, S.N.Upadhyay, S.C. Sexana CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-21-81 Download
11 1981 A generalized correlation for heat transfer between a gas-solid fluidized bed of small particles and an immersed staggered array of horizontal tubes N.S. Grewal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-80-81 Download
12 1981 Experimental study of fluidized bed wood combustion S.C.Bhattacharya, Srinath, T.Ahmed CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-82-81 Download
13 1981 Heat transfer from a fluidized coal bed combustor D.Ray, B. Chakraborty, P.K.Wag CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-52-81 Download
14 1981 Influence of bed temperature on the local heat transfer to a fluidized bed combustor R.Vadivel, V.N.Vedamurthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-123-81 Download
15 1981 On hydrogen from coal S.Selvarajan, D.Kannappan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-76-81 Download
16 1981 Theoretical analysis of air cooled oil gun temperatures K.M.V. Malarkkan, D.K.Abbey, G. Sreekanth CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-57-81 Download
17 1981 Design and development of an aircooler for the 250mm free jet intermittent hypersonic wind tunnel at VSSC P. Ramakrishna Chadaga CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-17-81 Download
18 1981 Dynamic modeling of a NMFBR plant G.Vaidyanathan, A.L.Kothandaraman, A.Rajkumar, G.R.Raviprasan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-64-81 Download
19 1981 Optimum detector location for the flow blockage detection in fast reactors by thermal noise Chandrer Raju, R.D.Kale, V.M.K. Sastri CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-114-81 Download
20 1981 An analysis of the steady state thermal aspects of coolant line freezing technique used in nuclear reactor maintenance S. Sankara Narayanan, N.Veeraraghavan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-44-81 Download
21 1981 Heatex: a computer code for steady state performance of a nuclear steam generator S.K. Chaki, T.A. Patwegar, L.G.K.Murty CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-85-81 Download
22 1981 Validation and comparison of computer codes for reactor safety analysis for loss of coolant accident H.G.Lele, S.K.Gupta, L.G.K.Murthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-99-81 Download
23 1981 Determination of response time of core thermocouples of the fast breeder test reactor B.Prahlad, K.Swaminathan, R.D.Kale CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-38-81 Download
24 1981 Three wire thermocouple technique to measure surface temperatures of current carrying conductors M.D.Mehta, H.Ramamurthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-89-81 Download
25 1981 Two phase shock propagation: Numerical simulation Subhash Chandra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-16-81 Download
26 1981 Process design of sodium heated once-through steam generators A.L.Kothandaraman, G.Vaidyanathan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-63-81 Download
27 1981 Thermosyphon analysis of Rajasthan atomic power stations primary heat transport system S.B.Rao, N.Ramamoorthy, S.K.Bandyopadhyay, L.G.K. Murthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-101-81 Download
28 1981 Computer aided design of condensers for mixtures of vapor and noncondensable gases in a radiochemical plant S.A.K. Jeelani, M.Venkatarman, G.R.Balasubramanian CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-73-81 Download
29 1981 Design of dissociating gas cooled fast breeder reactors V.G.Kubair CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-53-81 Download
30 1981 Heating time of pebble bed air preheaters K.A. Damodaran, Job Kurian CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-37-81 Download
31 1981 Sizing of intercondenser in a two stage steam jet air ejector P.S.V. Kurma Rao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-92-81 Download
32 1981 Increased heat recovery by carbon dioxide injection in thermal regenerator A.I. Khandwawala, S.A.Asif CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-10-81 Download
33 1981 Dynamic response of a vertical U-tube steam generator A.K.Ghosh, S.K.Chaki, L.G.K.Murthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-75-81 Download
34 1981 Heat and mass transfer in evaporative tubular heat exchanger R.S. Rana, V.Charan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-102-81 Download
35 1981 Parametric studies of direct contact evaporation in spray columns P. Battya, Vijay R. Raghavan, K.N.Seetharamu CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-79-81 Download
36 1981 Mathematical simulation of transients in shell and tube heat exchangers S.M. Karanne, R.B.Grover, V.P. Kulkarni, V.Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-68-81 Download
37 1981 Laminar heat transfer in the entrance region of a parallel plate channel A.K. Mohanty, Reeta Das CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-51-81 Download
38 1981 Analysis of heat transfer in Newtonian and non-Newtonina turbulent flow in smooth tubes A.K.M.A. Quader CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-7-81 Download
39 1981 Performance evaluation of spirally corrugated tubes with multiple helical starts for turbulent flow heat transfer to high Prandtl number power law fluids S.Ganeshan, R.Sethumadhavan, M.Raja Rao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-54-81 Download
40 1981 Characteristics o fluid flow in an annulus with rotating inner tube B.T. Nijaguna, K.Ravindra Rao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2-81 Download
41 1981 Influence of turbulence intensity on heat transfer to gas turbine nozzle blade G.N.Rao, W.V. Nabar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-29-81 Download
42 1981 Effects of turbulence on the distribution of heat transfer over turbine blade cascades V. Krishnamoorthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-98-81 Download
43 1981 An analysis of flow through noncircular annual passages by fine element method S.C.Solanki, J.S.Saini, C.P.Gupta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-1-81 Download
44 1981 Parametric methods applied to free-convection heat transfer problems O.G.Martynenko, Yu.A.Sokovishin CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-65-81 Download
45 1981 Turbulent heat transfer from a vertical surface to a thermally stratified medium K.Hima Sekhar, C.K.Sarma, P.K. Sarma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-77-81 Download
46 1981 Combined free and forced convection flow of water at 4 C past a vertical semi-infinite porous plate V.M. Soundalgekar, N.V.Vighnesam CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-11-81 Download
47 1981 A note on heat transfer under combined free and forced convection F.F.Ling CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-93-81 Download
48 1981 Investigations on natural convection heat transfer in narrow vertical annuli P.K. Vijayan, D.Saha, V.Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-69-81 Download
49 1981 Correlations for fully developed turbulent flow through circular and noncircular channels R.K. Shah, R.S. Johnson CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-126-81 Download
50 1981 Analysis of the temperature distributions in a system of two heat generating co-axial hollow cylinders having two separate heat sinks B. Jayaswal, S.Sankara Narayanan, N.Veeraghavan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-45-81 Download
51 1981 An improved numerical method for transient heat conduction problem T.K.Bhattacharyya, A.B.Datta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-23-81 Download
52 1981 Transient temperature response of a convectively cooled flat plate with non-uniform flux over a portion of its opposite face P. Janardanan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-31-81 Download
53 1981 Two dimensional coupled heat transfer analysis by finite element method H.S. Kushwaha, A. Kakodkar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-32-81 Download
54 1981 Thermal response analysis for nonlinear heat transfer problem by finite element method B.K. Dutta, H.S. Kushwala, A.Kakodkar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-33-81 Download
55 1981 Analytical study of a storage tank S.K. Gupta, V. Jaluria CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-62-81 Download
56 1981 Planar solidification of a saturated liquid under different boundary conditions R.V.Seeniraj, T.K. Bose CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-39-81 Download
57 1981 Steady state temperature on obliquely moving heat sources V.V.S. Sastry, T.L.Sitharama Rao, P.K.Venuvinod CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-115-81 Download
58 1981 Absorption of hydrogen sulphide by aqueous sodium hydroxide solutions and by suspensions containing calcium hydroxide particles B.V.Umesh, N.Sathyamurthy, G.S. Laddha CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-27-81 Download
59 1981 Unconventional electrodic transport for desalination S.M. Karkare, R.G. Edkie CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-78-81 Download
60 1981 Influence of gas evolution on mass transport in a tank-type cell with electrodes of industrial dimensions B.K. Sadananda Rao, G.Venkatarman CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-19-81 Download
61 1981 Field induced mass transfer V.Mohan, P.R.Madhavan, K. Padmanabhan, K.Chandrasekharan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-26-81 Download
62 1981 Liquid-solid mass transfer in a rotating catalyst basket reactor V.M.H.Govindarao, T.Srinivasan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-22-81 Download
63 1981 A system model for the dynamics of cerebrospinal fluid pressure during dialysis treatment Desh Deepak CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-107-81 Download
64 1981 Clearance measurements by simultaneous hemodialysis and hemofiltration with different hemodialysers B.B.Gupta, M.V.Jaffrin CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-109-81 Download
65 1981 Aqueous absorption of sulphur-di-oxide in packed towers V. Ramamoorthy, T.E.Degallesan, G.S.Laddha CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-28-81 Download
66 1981 Determination of liquid film thickness and volumetric oxygen transfer coefficient in the film in horizontal rotary bioreactor S.N. Mukhopadhyay CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-5-81 Download
67 1981 Competing reactions in a tubular reactor- a numerical model R.N.Ghar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-43-81 Download
68 1981 Mass transfer in helical coils D.P. Rao, C.K. Subramaniam CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-6-81 Download
69 1981 Transport coefficients of a chemically reacting plasma G. Paran Gowda, M.L.Mittal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-4-81 Download
70 1981 Thermal conductivity of liquids Prabhuram, M.P.Saksena CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-36-81 Download
71 1981 Studies on thermal diffusivity of some Indian coals J.Ramamohana Rao, B.K.Subba Rao, M.A.Tirunarayanan, V.R.Pai Verrekar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-112-81 Download
72 1981 Prediction of transport properties of liquids Mohmmad-Reza Riazi, Amir Faghri CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-20-81 Download
73 1981 Transport properties of two temperature monatomic plasmas at very high temperatures D. Kannappan, T.K. Bose CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-81 Download
74 1981 Condensation heat transfer in vertical fluted tubes V.R. Radhakrishnan, R.Krebs CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-124-81 Download
75 1981 Augmentation of heat transfer by electrolytic bubble evolution at a heated solid rod when a week electrolyte is flowing over it S.C.Bhand, G.C. Jain, C.P.Salgia, Jyotsna Kale CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-35-81 Download
76 1981 Experimental measurement of pressure drop in diabatic two-phase flow and comparison of predictions of existing correlations with the experimental data P.K. Vijayan, B.Prabhakar, V.Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-71-81 Download
77 1981 Heat transfer studies of two-phase flow in straight and coiled tubes: Part-I : Straight tubes R.C. Sastry, A.Satyanarayana CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-24-81 Download
78 1981 Heat transfer studies of two-phase flow in straight and coiled tubes: Part – II : Helical coils R.C. Sastry, A.Satyanarayana CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-25-81 Download
79 1981 Forced convection subcooled laminar film boiling over a horizontal plate subjected to non-uniform heat flux G.Kamaraj, K.Narasimha Rao, V.Ganesan, K.N.Seetharamu CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-40-81 Download
80 1981 Some techniques for flow visualization in air and water P.K.Vijayan, D.Saha, V.Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-70-81 Download
81 1981 Condensation of Freon –11 on plain and low fin single horizontal tubes V.B. Patil, D.K.Sane, A.Jaganmohan, B.S.Jagadish CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-125-81 Download
82 1981 Nucleate pool boiling of binary mixtures at subatmospheric pressures S.K. Pandey, P.R.Sharma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-96-81 Download
83 1981 Enhancement of mass transfer due to pulsations in a gas-liquid system D.K.Guha, P.De CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-41-81 Download
84 1981 Combined natural convection and radiative heat transfer from rectangular cross-sectioned vertical fin arrays – a conjugate solution N.H.Saikhedkar, S.P.Sukhatme CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-9-81 Download
85 1981 Monte carlo analysis of passive radiative cooler B.Venkataraman, D.R.Bhandari, H.Narayana Murthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-30-81 Download
86 1981 Application of zone model for the prediction of luminous flame heat transfer C.V.S.Murty, M.V.Krishnamurthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-119-81 Download
87 1981 Prediction of radiative base heating in alumnized composite propellant rockets M.S. Padmanabhan, S.K.Saxena CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-81 Download
88 1981 Physical system theory modeling of radiative heat transfer D.S.Mishra, P.S.Satsangi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-50-81 Download
89 1981 Studies in thermal control system of apple spacecraft R.A.Katti, D.R.Bhandari, H.Naryana Murthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-58-81 Download
90 1981 Thermal analysis of hollow cathode of an MPD arc thruster R.C.Mehta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-59-81 Download
91 1981 Calculation of the off-normal reflectance of a Teflon-aluminum surface G.Inayatullah, K.G.T.Hollands CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-56-81 Download
92 1981 Some computational aspects of thermal radiative heat transfer S.Vaidyanathan, M.Achuthan, A.Jaganmohan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-66-81 Download