Past proceedings

S.No Year Title Author Category Code Download
1 1975 Heat conduction in a semi-infinite region bounded internally by an infinite circular cylindar P.K. Saxena and K.S. Shah INVITED LECTURES HMT-01-75 Download
2 1975 Transient heat conduction in a hollow cylinder with variable thermal conductivity K. Mastanaiah CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-02-75 Download
3 1975 Numerical solution of heat conduction equation with variable properties D.N. Roy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-03-75 Download
4 1975 Steady temperature distribution in composite elliptic cyclinder with contact restistances N.K. Choubey CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-04-75 Download
5 1975 Steady-state heat losses in foam insulated cryogenic transfer lines K. Srinivasan V. Seshagiri Rao and M.V. Krishna Murthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-05-75 Download
6 1975 A computer code for calculation of temperature distribution M.G. Bhide and K.C.Upadhyay B.A.R.C. CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-06-75 Download
7 1975 Boundary layer approach for determination of moisture content in a porous media under isothermal condition V.B. Mishra B.H.U. CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-07-75 Download
8 1975 Radiation heat transfer between parallel circular plates by the method of moments B.S. Jagadish CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-08-75 Download
9 1975 A closed-form analytical solution for developing temperature profile in slug flow in circular tube with finite biot number V.P. Tyagi and K.M. Nigam CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-09-75 Download
10 1975 Internal flow forced convection heat transfer – from mathematics to engineering R.K. Shah CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-10-75 Download
11 1975 Thermal entry length solutions for the circular tube and parallel plates R.K. Shah CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-11-75 Download
12 1975 Heat transfer in laminar flow of power law,pseudo plastic fluid in entrance region between parallel plates Ashok R. Chandrupatla and V.M.K Sastri CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-12-75 Download
13 1975 Laminar forced convection heat transfer to non-newtonian fluids in helical coils S.N. Gupta and P. Mishra B.H.U. CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-13-75 Download
14 1975 Hydrodynamics and heat transfer in annular helical flow T.K. Bhattacharyya, S.K.Mazumdar and B.C.Raychaudhuri CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-14-75 Download
15 1975 Heat transfer to oil-water stratified flow in horizontal straight pipes V.G. Kubair and V.Krishnan I.I.Sc CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-15-75 Download
16 1975 Heat transfer in separated region due to an obstruction in a duct M. Nallasamy and K.Krishna Prasad, I.I.Sc. CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-16-75 Download
17 1975 Three dimensional calculation of heat and mass dispersion in open channel flows A.K. Rastogi and W. Rodi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-17-75 Download
18 1975 Heat transfer decaying swirl flow in an annulus R.K. Bhardwaj, M.N. CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-18-75 Download
19 1975 Effect of wall roughness on turbulent heat transfer in an annulus P.S.V.K. Rao and P.K.Sarma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-19-75 Download
20 1975 Heat transfer from vessel wall to agitated liquids S.D.Bhattacharya and B.S. Varshney CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-20-75 Download
21 1975 Comparative study of heat transfer in agitated non-newtonian fluids from jacketed vessel wall and helical coil S.N. Gupta and P. Mishra B.H.U. CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-21-75 Download
22 1975 Effect of pulsations on heat transfer to air V. Seshagiri Rao, M.A.Tirunarayanan I.I.Sc. CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-22-75 Download
23 1975 Improvement of heat transfer to conducting and insulating liquids by using rotating electrode system S.D. Bagchi and R.G.Edkie CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-23-75 Download
24 1975 The prediction of laminar boundary layers on rotating axially symmetrical bodies B.I. Sharma and B.E.Launder CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-25-75 Download
25 1975 The computation of turbulent boundary layers on spinning surfaces B.I. Sharma and B.E.Launder CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-26-75 Download
26 1975 On the conjugate problem of mass transfer cooling of a non-isothermal boundary layer with temperature and concentration dependent properties V.K. Trivedi and I.J.Kumar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-27-75 Download
27 1975 Laminar boundary layer heat transfer with arbitrary pressure gradient distribution T.K. Bose CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-28-75 Download
28 1975 Laminar heat transfer from ionized argon to a cooled wall T.K. Bose and D.Kannappan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-29-75 Download
29 1975 Mass transfer in turbulent wall jets Inder Jit and V.kuppa Rao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-30-75 Download
30 1975 Fluid flow and heat transfer from rotating radial blades T.S. Raghava Char and A.K. Mohanty CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-32-75 Download
31 1975 Optically thin radiation model in boundary layer flow S.P. Venkateshan and K.Krishna Prasad CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-33-75 Download
32 1975 Velocity and penetration histories of vaporizing drops injected into stagnant gas R. Natarajan and A.K.Ghosh CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-34-75 Download
33 1975 Experimental investigation of natural convection heat transfer from a vertical surface to carbon dioxide at super critical pressure G.K. Sharma and V.S.Protopopov CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-35-75 Download
34 1975 Free convection heat transfer from a vertical plate with prescribed variation of heat flux CH.V. Ramanamuthy and J. Gururaja CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-36-75 Download
35 1975 Free convection between asymmetrically heated vertical parallel plate channel D.S. Mishra and T.L. Sitharama Rao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-38-75 Download
36 1975 Natural convection in liquids between two parallel plates V. Charan, K.N. Agarwal and G.K. Das CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-39-75 Download
37 1975 Numerical solution of steady state natural convection in enclosed regions T.R. Shembharkar, J.Gururaja and H.R.Nagendra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-40-75 Download
38 1975 Free convection across vertical fluid layers – a variational approach P.Venkateswarlu, S.M.deshpande and H.R.Nagendra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-41-75 Download
39 1975 Heat transfer characteristics of liquid fluidised beds A. Kalanidhi, S.Vedaiyan and G.S. Laddha CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-43-75 Download
40 1975 Heat transfer fluidized beds with internals D.Balakrishnan and M.Raja Rao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-44-75 Download
41 1975 A comparative study of coiled rings and raschig rings as packing material V.P.Ghai, S.K.Sharma and B.Ghosh CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-45-75 Download
42 1975 Pressure drop and heat transfer in steel ball filled end shielded model A.K.Ghosh and A.Kakodkar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-47-75 Download
43 1975 Mass transport from spheres in dumped packed beds V.K.Mathur CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-48-75 Download
44 1975 Mass transport from solids suspended in agitated vessels Pyare Lal, K.K.Nigam, S.N.Upadhyay and P.Mishra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-49-75 Download
45 1975 An analytical study of the effect of radiative properties of the emulsion phase on heat transfer in a fluidized bed combustor V.N.Vedamurthy and V.M.K.Sastri CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-50-75 Download
46 1975 Experimental studies on heat transfer from vertical ‘U’ tubes immersed in a pool of boiling water V.Venkat Taj, Ashok K.Anand and H.Ramamurthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-51-75 Download
47 1975 Normal and abnormal heat transfer in the near critical region E.W.P.Hahne CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-52-75 Download
48 1975 Heat flow through microlayer in nucleate pool boiling J.S.Saini, C.P.Gupta and S.Lal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-53-75 Download
49 1975 Effect of thermal factors of heater and liquid prandtl number on bubble growth in nucleate pool boiling J.S.Saini, C.P.Gupta and S.Lal CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-54-75 Download
50 1975 Forced convection evaporatin of r-12 with water heating B.K.Sthapak, H.K.Varma and C.P.Gupta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-55-75 Download
51 1975 Forced circulation heat transfer during boiling of Freon – 22 C.P.Sharma, B.S.Varshney and C.P.Gupta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-56-75 Download
52 1975 Gas-liquid two-phase flow in helically coiled tubes I.Dayasagar and M.Raja Rao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-57-75 Download
53 1975 Binary annular two-phase flow with mixtures of r22 and r12 S.G.Kandlikar and S.P.Sukhatme CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-58-75 Download
54 1975 Condensation heat transfer in presence of non-condensable gases V.Subramanian, K.Suryakumar, S.K.Agarwal and M.R.Chivate CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-60-75 Download
55 1975 Model for dropwise condensation of steam T.G. Sundararaman, and T.Venkatram CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-61-75 Download
56 1975 Condensation of pure vapour on a vertical non-isothermal wall Y.V.S.R.Sastry and P.L.Ballaney and C.P.Arora CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-62-75 Download
57 1975 Laminar film condensation – combined effect of suction and magnetic field K.N.Murty and P.K.Sarma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-63-75 Download
58 1975 Condensation heat transfer on a vertical plate with suction A.V.Reddy and P.K.Sarma and K.N.Murty CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-64-75 Download
59 1975 Surface renewal model for mass transfer and chemical reaction in a circulating drop G.Narasimhan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-65-75 Download
60 1975 Diffusional effects in an opposed jet diffusion flame A.G.Marathe and H.S.Mukunda CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-66-75 Download
61 1975 Measurement of thermal properties at high temperatures S.C.Saxena CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-67-75 Download
62 1975 Thermophysical and transport properties of two temperature argon plasma D.Kannappan and T.K.Bose CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-68-75 Download
63 1975 Some analogs of active networks in heat transfer and their applications K.Shankar and B.S.Jagadish CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-70-75 Download
64 1975 A constant temperature hot wire anemometer and linearizer for the measurement of low velocities T.S.Sarma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-71-75 Download
65 1975 Development of high rating uniform flux heater and temperature measuring techniques for some out-of-pile experiments simulating nuclear heat transfer D.Saha, R.B.Grover and V.Venkat Raj CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-72-75 Download
66 1975 Heat transfer and flow friction characteristics of air cooled compact heat exchanger S.Pattanayak, p. Sengupta and B.C.Raychaudhuri CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-73-75 Download
67 1975 Heat transfer in transverse high fin tube banks in cross flow B.T.Nijaguna and F.G.Kadoli CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-74-75 Download
68 1975 Design characteristics of enhanced heat exchange tubes for vertical evaporator systems M.H.Mehta and M.P.S.Ramani, B.A.R.C. CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-75-75 Download
69 1975 Heat transfer characteristics of a vapour heated heat exchanger with time dependent flow variations K.N.Krishnan abnd V.M.K.Sastri CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-76-75 Download
70 1975 Performance characteristics of three tube heat exchanger R.A.Katti CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-77-75 Download
71 1975 Module method for correlating shell-side heat transfer and pressure drop data of shell and tube heat exchangers M.Achuthan and K.B.Pande CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-78-75 Download
72 1975 Dynamics of shell and tube heat exchangers M.Achuthan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-79-75 Download
73 1975 Optimisation of air-cooled condenser A.D.Desai and K.G.Narayankhedkar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-80-75 Download
74 1975 Optimizing the number of fins in longitudinally finned concentric pipe heat exchangers P.L.Dhar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-81-75 Download
75 1975 On the problem of predicting instantaneous heat transfer rates in reciprocating combustion engines B.S.Samaga CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-82-75 Download
76 1975 Estimation of heat transfer rate in a 4 strokes S.I. engine M.K.Gajendra Babu and B.S.Murthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-83-75 Download
77 1975 Temperature rise prediction in an induction motor S.R.Minje and G.H. Malkani and S.P.Sukhatme CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-84-75 Download
78 1975 Comparative studies on the methods of analysis of the thermal design of electric motors V.K.Sreenivasan and D.P.Sengupta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-85-75 Download
79 1975 Modeling sub-critical once-through boilers; steady state characteristics S.R.Nayak, A.Jaganmohan and M.Achuthan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-86-75 Download
80 1975 Dynamics of sub-critical once-through boilers M.D.Joshi, A.Jaganmohan and M.Achuthan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-87-75 Download
81 1975 Temperature rise of fired heater process fluid due to an emergency shut down W.G.Perera CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-88-75 Download
82 1975 Transient response of a solar Water heater S.Saroja and K.N. Seetharamu CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-89-75 Download
83 1975 A techno economic feasibility study of utilizing solar heat for desalination of sea water P.K.Ghosh and A.K.Chhabra, B.A.R.C CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-91-75 Download
84 1975 Mass transfer in reverse osmosis B.M.Misra and M.P.S.Ramani, B.A.R.C. CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-92-75 Download
85 1975 Flat-a computer programme for calculating flow and temperature transients in nuclear fuels V.Venkat Raj and S.M.Koranne, B.A.R.C CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-93-75 Download
86 1975 Gap-1 a computer programme to predict peller clad gap conductance in nuclear fuels K.Anantharaman, A.K.Anand and V. Deshpande, B.A.R.C. CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-94-75 Download
87 1975 Steady state thermal hydraulic analysis of boiling water reactor core, for various power distributions, using computer code thabna V.Venkar Raj and D.Saha, B.A.R.C. CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-95-75 Download
88 1975 Thermal analysis of biological shield of fast breeder test reactor D.Saha and V.Sarda, B.A.R.C. CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-96-75 Download
89 1975 Critical flow of saturated water through pipes P.S.Banerji and A.Jaganmohan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-97-75 Download
90 1975 A unified computer programme for calculating critical discharges through pipes and nozzles B.F.Chamany and L.G.K.Murthy, B.A.R.C. CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-98-75 Download
91 1975 Experimental studies on heat and mass transfer during freeze drying of whole eggs Major Ravinder Kumar, S.Srinivasa Murthy and M.V.Krishna Murthy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-98-75 Download
92 1975 Application of heat transfer for improving dehydration process in food preservation D.R.Bongirwar and S.R.Padwal-Desai, B.A.R.C. CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-100-75 Download
93 1975 Paddy drying in rotary dryers M.Santhanamuthu, A.N.Andiappan and S.M.Lakshmanan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-101-75 Download
94 1975 Dissociating gases as heat transfer media and working fluids for power stations M.K.Sobti CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-102-75 Download
95 1975 Radiating column of an electric arc R.C.Mehta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-103-75 Download