Past proceedings

S.No Year Title Author Category Code Download
1 1971 Cylinder wall temperature and unsteady heat transfer in an I.C engine B.T. Nijaguna CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-8-71 Download
2 1971 Two-dimensional temperature distributions in radiating fins J.R. Moszynski and Nitin Champaneria CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-36-71 Download
3 1971 Transient heat transfer in transpiration cooled half space heated by radiation at its surface V.K. Trivedi and I.J. Kumar CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-33-71 Download
4 1971 An analytic iteration technique for the solution of mixed boundary value problems in transient heat conduction in finite regions Inderajit Kumar and P. Janardanan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-34-71 Download
5 1971 General solutions to conductive heat transfer problems in finite regions Vijay P. Bhatkar and V.S Rajamani CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-35-71 Download
6 1971 Mass transfer characteristic of cellulose acetate membranes used in desalination by reverse osmosis A.V. Rao, R.M. Kava and D.J. Mehta CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-1-71 Download
7 1971 Control regimes in experimentation of heterogeneous kinetics B.K. Guha and G. Narsimhan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-61-71 Download
8 1971 Liquid-liquid extraction in packed towers M.R.V. Krishnan, T.E. Degaleesan and G.S. laddha CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-9-71 Download
9 1971 Effect of axial diffusion on mass transfer with chemical reaction in a plug flow tubular reactor J. Raghuraman and Y.B.G Varma CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-32-71 Download
10 1971 Individual film efficiencies in a laboratory perforated plate column Ch. Durgaprasada Rao and C. Venkata Rao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-25-71 Download
11 1971 Desorption processes of porous-sorptive substances Sanoor Endrenvi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-75-71 Download
12 1971 Absorption in liquid phase D.M. Mohunt, A.S. Vaidyanathan and G.S Laddha CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-59-71 Download
13 1971 Radiation heat transfer in an enclosure having surfaces which are adiabatic of known temperature John A. Clark and Michael E. Korybalski CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-15-71 Download
14 1971 Radiative transfer effect in fire-whirl R.K. Varma and M.P. Murgai CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-6-71 Download
15 1971 Interaction of thermal radiation with laminar free convection from a heated vertical plate S. Kamalam and S.S.R. Murty CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-17-71 Download
16 1971 Radiant energy transfer in waters R. Viskanta and J.S. Toor CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-52-71 Download
17 1971 Heat transfer across liquid-liquid interface to non-newtonian liquids in a stirred cell T.S. Venkataraman, K. Chandrasekharan and G.S. Laddha CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-4-71 Download
18 1971 Concentration profiles for steady laminar flow of a non-newtonian fluid through a tubular membrane R. Nagarajan and N. Subramanian CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-69-71 Download
19 1971 Laminar flow heat transfer to non-newtonian fluids in concentric-annuli P.K. Ramachandar and M. Raja Rao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-77-71 Download
20 1971 Heat transfer to non-newtonian fluids in laminar flow through concentric annuli with or without suction K. Kanaka Raju and Rathna Devanathan CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-76-71 Download
21 1971 Numerical investigation of laminar heat transfer in step induced internal separated flows M.Nallasamy and K. Krishna Prasad CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-7-71 Download
22 1971 The application of numerical methods to film cooling and associated practical problems Matthews, A.K. Rastogi and J.H. Whitelaw CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-3-71 Download
23 1971 Forced convection heat transfer in two dimensional laminar boundary layer T.L.S. Rao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-68-71 Download
24 1971 A simple graphical method for calculating heat transfer and skin friction in transpired laminar boundary layers J.P. Hartnett CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-74-71 Download
25 1971 Convective heat transfer across a flat plate of unknown temperature distribution A.K. Mohanty CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-43-71 Download
26 1971 Interfacial thermal resistance in forced flow over a horizontal surface V. Kadambi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-66-71 Download
27 1971 An experimental study of heat transfer through gases contained between two vertical coaxial cylinders N.A. Ganti, V.M.K. Sastri and S.C. Saxena CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-31-71 Download
28 1971 Free convection heat transfer flow at vertical corners J. Gurutaja and J.P. Mahapatra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-19-71 Download
29 1971 Experimental investigation of the local and overall heat transfer due to combined free and forced convection from a horizontal circular cylinder to air N.D. joshi and S.P. Sukhatme CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-39-71 Download
30 1971 Onset of free convection in a fluid layer inclined to the vertical H.R. Nagendra CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-57-71 Download
31 1971 Heat transfer in the entry region of a square sectioned duct in the presence of lateral gravitational field S.V.Patankar and D.B. Spalding CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-40-71 Download
32 1971 Laminar flow heat transfer in rectangular sectioned ducts with one moving wall Devraj Sharma and D.B. Spalding CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-26-71 Download
33 1971 Heat transfer study in thermal entry region for laminar flow through a concentric annulus having arbitrary wall temperature T.K. Bhattacharyya, M.V. Krishnamurthy and A. Ramachandran CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-23-71 Download
34 1971 Laminar forced convection heat transfer in truncated sectorial ducts V.V.G. Krishnamurthy, N.Ch. Pattabhi Ramacharyulu, S. Someswara Rao, P.S. Murti and P.J. Reddy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-73-71 Download
35 1971 Laminar heat transfer in the entrance region of radial flow between two parallel disks D.N. Roy CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-56-71 Download
36 1971 Heat transfer in thermal entry region of concentric annulus for both circumferentially and axially variable wall temperature T.K. Bhattacharyya, M.V. Krishna Murthy and A. Ramchandran CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-44-71 Download
37 1971 Incompressible laminar boundary layer flow around a cylindrical catalyst pellet with first-order surface chemical reaction K.V. Ramanamurthy and V.M.H. Govinda Rao CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-2-71 Download
38 1971 Preliminary model studies on the flame height and heat transfer from a ground fire in the lee of a tree R. Subramanyam, R. Gollahalli and Thomas A. Brzustowski CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-21-71 Download
39 1971 Heat transfer in annular liquid fluidized beds K. Ramamurthy and K. Subbaraju CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-55-71 Download
40 1971 Boundary layer flow of a dissociated gas over a surface of discontinous catalycity I.J. Kumar and V.K. Trivedi CONTRIBUTED PAPERS HMT-41-71 Download